It seems a shame when you have spent a long time and a lot of money making your garden look just the way you want, only to enjoy it during the daytime. By using carefully sited outdoor lights, you can carry on enjoying the garden, all your hard work and planning when the sun goes down on summer nights. Even during the winter, with a heavy covering of frost or snow, outdoor lighting can make the view from inside like fairyland. Garden lights come in many different shapes and sizes and before you buy any you should walk round your garden at dusk and pick out plants and areas which would be enhanced by extra lights. It would be a shame if all you pick out in lights is the garden shed or the compost heap, so choose the positioning with care.

If you have a wall as part of your garden boundary, or if the area you wish to light is near the house, you can use outdoor wall lights from Lighting Majestic range to light areas where you can sit in the evening soaking up the stored heat from the wall. Outdoor wall lights with motion sensors can also be a great way of increasing your security.

If you want your garden lighting to be very subtle, brick lights are an amazing way of creating a romantic ambience. Placed every now and again on a path, they look magical and will light the way to perhaps a secluded table or summer house. Here at Lighting Majestic we have a great range of outdoor lights to suit whatever you are looking to achieve and if brick lights aren’t suitable for your garden, you could install a small area of decking with lights, and get much the same effect. For the ultimate in romance, hanging lanterns in a tree look gorgeous.

Lamp posts look very impressive at the front of the house but also look very mysterious and enticing further up the garden, leading to somewhere with seating or even something like a hot tub. If you do have a leisure area away from the house, a good way of safely lighting the way is by bollards or post lights, which are at around knee height and give a good illumination of where to step. There is no need for complex wiring as plug and go lights are easy to find and if you aren’t sure what you need, the details on our website are very comprehensive and will help you choose the right outdoor lighting for your needs.


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