Woven Wire Lamps

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Rouge Woven Wire Table Lamp - Decoration

Diyas Lighting – Woven Wire Lamp Base

On the Lighting Market today there are very hardly any items that are increasing in popularity as rapidly as the undeniably captivating Wire Woven (or Wire Weave) table lamps and floor lamps. They have a sturdy high quality construction and although they all carry the frequent thread of a botanical theme, the choices readily available that are listed below are still rather varied, to the point which most home decors would be catered for.

Here is a list of merely a couple top-notch examples that utilize this specific type of construction:

Diyas Anthea Wire Woven Lamp

The Anthea range of wire weave lamps really produces desirable lighting solutions. The range consists of a table lamp and matching floor lamp. Both are completed in a sleek and stylish Silver/Polished chrome shade that creates a modern and preferable appearance and feel when illuminated.

Jasmine Wire Woven Lamp - Diyas Lighting

The Jasmine range of woven wire lamps from Diyas lighting are a remarkably prominent item and it is no little wonder why that is. These lighting solutions are incredibly appealing and pleasing pieces by having a universal appeal which makes them well suited to the majority of designs, both contemporary and conventional. These fittings have a certain charm that is able to instantly lift the feel of a room, specifically when the table lamp and floor lamp are used all together to generate a full, also flowing lighting deal in a room.

Ivy Woven Wire Floor Lamp - Diyas Lighting

The Ivy table lamp has a modern and classy silver-chrome finish and is enhanced by having classy crystal cuttings to go along with both chrome and crystal floral decorations. The lamp caters for 4, 20 watt halogen lamps which are included in the overall costs, nonetheless spares can be acquired. The hot light dished out by the Halogen lamps on this piece provides that added touch of sparkle when it meets with the gleaming finish and crystal decorations.

Diyas Lighting Majella Wire Woven Lamp

The Majella Woven Wire Table Lamp – Coffee and Crystal, stands at 90cm high (900mm) which plays a massive part in the splendid effect it are able to have on a rooms decor, standing tall sufficient to catch the eye by having its unique design whilst continuing to be versatile in regard to placement and scenery viability. The basic design idea of these pieces is to generate the impression of a floral arrangement sprouting for a wire woven lamp base. The botanical plan is composed of chrome stems and crystal flower heads that encase the halogen lamp sources.

The true mark of high quality in this piece is the previously mentioned K9 Crystal. K9

Rouge Woven Wire Table Lamp

crystal is a remarkably high quality and amazing 30 % lead crystal which is made from a blend of lead oxide and glass and produces a higher reflective capability which results in a more excellent sparkle and far more significant clarity than, for instance, normal clear glass that is posing as crystal. The wire construction of these lamps is yet another indication of its acceptable class. Thin pieces of wire are skilfully manipulated into a kind of cordage weaving to produce an incredibly durable and tempting motif for placement in the most attractive of surroundings.

Other amazing examples of woven wire lamps are the Rouge Woven Wire Lamps and the Viola Woven Wire lamps from Diyas lighting; which you can find out more about right here at The Lighting Expert

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