Wall lights- The Best Lighting Asset in your Home

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Wall lights are incredible at changing the scope of lighting, and all too often we spend a lot of time considering the ceiling lights and side step the little brother. However little brother has a vast amount of impact on our lives and if you consider how much we use them, well you’ll be surprised. Most people we discuss wall lights with say they use them more often than their ceiling lights!

So, we thought we would give you a little bit of information on the potential benefits of giving wall lights more consideration.

Wall lights bring a whole range of subtle differences to a room, and most often bring a warm relaxing atmosphere with them. They can bounce lights in different angles and spread light with ability its older brother ‘the ceiling light’ can’t. Wall lights don’t have to be the matching fitting either and can be chosen to contrast with ceiling lights or to blend in with the decor. Quite often people want to match them up, but it really is rare that having the matching ones is absolutely vital for the finish. Many people now have a cross over with ceiling and wall, and this not only compliments the decor, but gives a practical use of light and need for the room. You could purchase the wonderful ceiling light, and then choose something modern, subtle and practical to meet the needs of your room. Wall lights have become vast in their design and finish, and now most have subtle switches to give you enhanced usability.

It can be quite bothersome to finally decide on your ceiling light only to discover that they don’t have matching wall lights, but as mentioned above don’t let this worry you, it’s just about considering the wall lights before you set out to buy your lighting. Give the wall lights as much thought as you do the ceiling, and more specifically consider what you are trying to achieve with the room. A good tip is to think about when you watch T.V the most, and where you sit to read the paper or your new bestseller. Another important factor is to consider how much light you will need for the above activities, and how much light the wall light needs to give out. Lighting Retailers should be able to give you vast detail and a guide to all the above considerations and if they don’t, go elsewhere, as you’ll be throwing your money away. Good lighting retailers will be asking you lots of questions about your room, the colours, the size, when you use the room, and will try to support you in a great purchase within your budget.

People are becoming so confused about ‘energy saving and LED bulbs and really there is no need. As experts in this area, we can safely say, that almost all light fittings have an energy equivalent or energy saving option, which are available from good lighting outlets, and the retailer can explain and guide you through those options. Being energy efficient and energy saving is very popular and sensible, but don’t let it hinder your choice or style ideas. With most manufacturers providing solutions and designing LED lighting, it is quite achievable to get the lights you desire with an energy saving design.So don’t let the ceiling light take all the glory from your room, and remember the little brother is awaiting your consideration and will give twice as much back if you give him some of your time. The wall light is probably the most flexible, practical and important part of lighting you’ll utilise in your home, so ignore it at your peril!

As always, be sure to use a qualified electrician when installing light fittings of any kind in your home.


David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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