Top lighting trends to watch out for in 2017

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2017 has only just arrived, and one of the best things about this time of year is discovering what exciting design trends lie in store of us.

Whether you’re thinking of revamping your lighting, or you’re just curious to see what styles are sweeping the interiors world, we’re here to show you some of 2017’s hottest looks and how you can achieve them in your home!

Oversized light fittings

lighting trends 2017 crystal chandeliers low ceiling lights

This year big is beautiful, and even if you don’t have grand, high ceilings in your home, there are still so many gorgeous possibilities for oversized lighting. Embrace the classic beauty of crystal chandeliers with the Orion Crystal Ceiling Light, which sits flush against the ceiling, or ride the popular wave of industrial design with this Quoizel New Harbour Light.

Bathroom minimalism

lighting trends 2017 bathroom lights

For the less ostentatious among you, 2017 also has a minimalist side. The clean lines of minimalism are always at their best in bathroom lights, so seek out fittings in white or subtle metallic shades. LED lights are particularly perfect for minimalist design, and fittings such as the Astro Kashima LED Wall Light will give your bathroom a simple, stylish look.

Green and gold

lighting trends 2017 crystal chandeliers

The dominant colour palette for 2017 is all about earthy, natural tones with a splash of glam. We’re talking dark green and tempting terracotta as staple colours, and gorgeous gold as the ultimate accent for your accessories. For example, the Diyas Ava Ceiling Light in gold and crystal is the perfect way to accessorise your luxurious 2017 look.

Natural textures

lighting trends 2017 table lamps

Natural tones also stand proud when it comes to textures this year. Materials such as cane, rattan, wood grain and cork can all be incorporated into your lighting scheme through the fittings you choose, such as this beautiful wood-finished Avenue Table Lamp. If man-made materials are more your style, you can still get the look by using metallic fixtures with a brushed finish.

Mid-century modern and industrial

lighting trends 2017 low ceiling lights

You can take your design cues from several major styles this year, including the retro glamour of mid-century modern, which is beautifully captured in this Hinkley Hadley Brushed Bronze Ceiling Light. Industrial design will also be popular in 2017, as RLM (Reflector Luminaire Manufacturer) lighting brings functional, warehouse-style low ceiling lights into the home.

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