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There are so many levels of quality when it comes to crystal chandeliers it can be difficult to know where to start.

When searching for that perfect chandelier the first thing you need to decide is “what do you want it to achieve”? I don’t just mean in number of bulbs to light up the room, I mean what impression you want it to deliver!

Marie Therese Chandelier

Marie Therese Chandelier 399-5

Chandeliers can be small pretty ceiling lights with hanging crystals suitable for bedrooms or they can be large crystal chandeliers that make statements suitable for high ceilings in hallways and living areas.

With crystal chandeliers it is “you get what you pay for”. A large number of affordable chandeliers are actually made of acrylic and glass, in the right style can be more than suitable for everyday light fittings, however if you want “wow that really does sparkle and looks amazing” we need to start talking about lead crystal!

Rumba K9 Crystal Chandelier - 96565-BP
Rumba K9 Crystal Chandelier – 96565-BP

Chandeliers with lead crystal really are in a league of there own when it comes to lighting, there will be nothing else in a house that could deliver such impact and consistently be a focal point of appraisal.

When I first got into lighting retail I had the daunting task of installing every light fitting within the showroom, after you have installed dozens of lights it can start to get a bit tedious until I discovered lead crystal chandeliers. Once these chandeliers were on the ceiling I switched them on one at a time and…….i was gobsmacked, we had hundreds of little rainbows inside our showroom, the lighting effect and sparkle from quality lead crystal chandeliers can be breathtaking.

The most important thing to ask a lighting retailer about when choosing a crystal chandelier is firstly whether the crystals are actually crystal? Sounds a no brainer but trust me, there are hundreds of chandeliers on the market that are called “crystal chandeliers” but are not crystal at all!

There are many branded crystals used for chandeliers such as Swarovski and Asfour crystal. Your lighting retailer will be able to inform you what percentage of lead crystal they are. A decent quality crystal starts at approx 24% of which there are many brands including Swarovski that provide 24% lead crystal for chandeliers however for that real impact you need to be looking at chandeliers that consist of 30% lead crystal which for unbranded crystals will be known as “k9 crystal” which look outstanding and definately should be considered. For those who want that little bit more to ensure they have got the very best then you need to look at chandeliers with either Swarovski, Asfour or Czech Republic 30% Lead crystal.

Symphony 8 Light 30% Asfour Crystal Chandelier - 96338

Symphony 8 Light 30% Asfour Crystal Chandelier - 96338

As you can tell, I like chandeliers and I am sure many of you do too! If only we all had the ceilings heights to take them!

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