Throwback Thursday – World War I

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Many lives were lost throughout the battles of World War 1, which affected every town, city across the UK.
In what is now the 100 years anniversary of the start of the War, take a walk down memory lane, to remember those who went to battle for our country.

451px-WPA_Blackout_posterOur throwback Thursday this week takes a look back at what types of lighting were popular during the early 1900s taking a glimpse at before, during and after World War 1.

For some time during the War the people remained in ablackout for some time, the whole of London and the Thames would be lit up and seen for miles, then one day a switch was pulled leaving the whole city in darkness. The wartime blackout was a defensive system; people would carry a newspaper and white handkerchief to make themselves a little more visible so they could see crossing the streets. Blackout left millions in a depressed state and when it finally lifted in 1945, people were overwhelmed and joyed by the light sources they had.


Lighting was beautiful in the 20th Century, the rich detailing and dainty patterns were popular in the 1920s and 1940s. Vintage lighting today, celebrates the lovely fittings from that time period. Showing elegant lantern lights and pretty table lamps.

During the Edwardian era just before the World War outbreak, homes saw a new fresh cheerful and colourful styling from the Victorian era. Feminine, floral, light pastel colours were the fashion in the homes. Electric lighting was just being introduced and many decorative forms of lighting were being produced. Patterned table lamps and elegant fittings with luxury fabric shades with frills and tassels were in keeping and also some Tiffany lighting was being used in homes showing luxury and lavish styling. Lighting Majestic are celebrating and bringing back the vintage styled lighting by featuring selections like the Rosalind table lamp on our website. It features a lovely floral wallpaper themed patterned stunning fabric shade. Keep posted for more ranges to be released relating to our #ThrowbackThursday.

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