Throwback Thursday – Tiffany Lighting

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This week on #ThrowbackThursday we show you a couple of throwbacks from the original Tiffany lighting.

tiffanyTiffany lighting has been around since the mid 1800’s. A very popular range that shows beautifully hand crafted stained glass pieces fused together to create luxurious shades complemented by rich detailed, highly decorative fittings.

Many designers have created their own interpretations of the original Tiffany designs and hand crafted their own that are brought today and used in many households.

The Dragonfly design is one of the most popular, recognisable designs of Tiffany today. We have gathered some images where you can see, the early days of the industry, and an image of Mr Louis Comfort Tiffany …that’s certainly a throwback!

Tiffany lighting is impressive and attractive, it’s unique and high quality produce is made from the finest materials, they can enhance and light up dull interiors when illuminated. It’s interesting how far Tiffany has developed from the early days.

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