Throwback Thursday – That Easter Experience

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1Its Easter bank holiday and were all getting ready for the Easter bunny to deliver our basket of goodies and stuff our faces with delicious chocolate eggs. This throwback Thursday we take a look at Easter and the story behind the eggs! Most of us know Easter is celebrated every year and now what’s famous for buying chocolate eggs like creme eggs and mini eggs.

Originally Easter eggs were decorated to celebrate Easter and spring time with bright colours. Some of the very first Easter eggs were dyed and painted chicken eggs, in what’s now Iraq and Kuwait. However, chocolate eggs are now used as a substitute, and they’re much tastier! 2Easter eggs were to symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus and the egg hatching from what was lifeless symbolizes life and supposedly the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is a traditional religious story but it is still celebrated by Christians and non-Christians. Decorated eggs date back to thousands of years, as decorated ostrich eggs were found from 60,000 years ago in Africa. Eggs were decorated for many different reasons across the world, on the other hand they still link up to represent the celebration of new life and rebirth.

Not only do we celebrate with Easter eggs, you may at some point yourself or helped your children decorate their Easter bonnet, this shows the tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter, to show the renewal of the New Year. So whether you’re making an Easter Bonnet or tucking into an Easter egg treat, enjoy yourself a little even if it’s just one and Happy Easter!

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