Throwback Thursday – Oil Lamps

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As humans we mastered the Fire, used for cooking and lighting many thousands of years ago, but a more versatile portable light source was required as we progressed throughout evolution. Let face it carrying an open bonfire down the local forest farm wasn’t the most practical of ideas after all.  So around 70.000 B.C. humans used shells, hollow rocks or any non-flammable material as a holder and place some, moss or dry leaves to burn and used as an ancient touch.


As the demand for lighting increased, so did the need for more reliable materials and longer burning fuels. The first  man made materials were found in the Egypt, Greece and Rome and are considered probably the first mass produced objects in history. A dish shaped instrument that would hold oil and a wick, they were made from terracotta, bronze, stone and alabaster. That design stayed the same until Aime Argand, a Swiss chemist, invented and patented “Argand Lamp” in the 18th century. His lamp consisted of the main elements as all the other lamps but had a cylindrical wick to give larger surface for a larger flame and a glass tube chimney around the flame to direct the light. Reign of the oil lamp lasted until the middle of the 19th century when electricity came on to the scene

The Rest as they say is History….

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