Throwback Thursday – LED Technology

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led1Today on our throwback Thursday post we take a look at LED technology and why they’re becoming more popular in households. LEDs or light-emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that produce a visual light when an electrical current is passed through them. LEDs different from your average incandescent bulb and compact fluorescents they are more durable, efficient, versatile, and longer lasting. LED lighting as we know it today has been around for 50 years, and is still currently developing. The recent develop of white LEDs has now become more available to the public, as a replacement for other white light sources.

led2The earliest LEDs emitted a low-intensity infrared light, infrared LEDs are still used today here and there, like in your TV remote control. The first LEDs were also a low-visibility and only really limited to the colour red. Modern LEDs are now brighter and starting to replace incandescent even more, as they don’t burn out or fail. They were popular for displays and seen a lot in digital clocks. The recent developments in LEDs have made them more reasonable for task lighting purposes. LEDs that are now powerful enough for home lighting however, are still expensive to start with they require a precise current however, are more efficient and money savers in the end!

Reports of the very first LED date back to 1927, yet no practical use was made out of the discovery. The use of commercial LED came later and was introduced into appliances like TVs, radios, telephones, and calculators as well as watches. Until 1968, they had little practical use at all as like today they were very costly and were still developing.

So why not go for LEDs they save energy, save you money and we have a great range of LED light options on our Lighting Majestic website like the Galaxy range by Diyas lighting.


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