Throwback Thursday – Lantern History

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1It’s that time of week where we post the Throwbacks all over Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram where we dig out our baby photos and post a laughable throwback. This week on our Throwback Thursday, were going to take a look at Lantern lights where they started and even why they’re still used today. Lanterns are a portable lighting source that are used to light up areas, or can be used for general outdoor lighting, lantern means the enclosure of a light source as shown on a typical lantern design where the glass frame houses the lamp. Lanterns are also used for decoration, this is why they’re still used largely today in households and exteriors. They add character and class to any setting as well as being a great lighting source.

2Lanterns date back to the 15th Century, with the traditional candle lantern. In ancient China lanterns were made from silk, paper or animal skin with frames made from bamboo or wood. Candle lanterns were the most popular, candles give out a faint light and to protect the flame from flickering this is where the glass panelled box came in handy.

The most popular use of lanterns is traditional lanterns for exterior use and decorative lanterns. Decorative lanterns could be paper lanterns or electric light lanterns housed in a decorative glass case. Lanterns are used in many Chinese festivals today using the famous Chinese candle lit paper lanterns. Traditional street lanterns are seen all over the world today, their authentic appearance adds character to the street as well as lighting up a broad area.

3Many lanterns seen today have adapted the authentic traditional designs yet still made beautiful outdoor and indoor lighting sources. Like the extensive range on our Lighting Majestic website, with a vast variety of different styles you’re bound to see some rich, decorative, traditional lantern lighting sources both for your interior and exterior.


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