The Rise In Popularity Of Bedside Wall Lights

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Piccolo Bedside Wall Light

Deciding to fit a bedside wall light as appose to any other kind of accent lighting is often a smart move for those who have the option of doing so, as it boasts its own unique list of advantages that other sources of light just don’t provide. Firstly if you have rather small bedside table tops a wall fixture could be a handy space saver which is great for those of us that need items like, an alarm clock, mobile phone or a drink at our bedside. But perhaps most importantly, for those whose bedroom layouts don’t allow for bedside tables or shelving due to space limitations, a fitted wall light gives you the option of getting the additional light you need and access to all the benefits it can provide. Also with a choice of plug-in as well as wired fittings, getting a more practical lighting solution in your bed room couldn’t be easier. 

Swing Arm Wall Light

Ok, so you have chosen to fit a wall light to your bedside, where do you go from here? What are your options? That will always depend on you and your personal preference. Surprisingly there is ample choice when looking for the right bedside wall light and each variation of style. Swing arm wall lights are a good example of this. This kind fitting is adjustable, as the name suggests, you can literally swing the arm exactly to where you need light. You can keep the arm collapsed and against the wall or pull the light out towards the bed for additional light as you lay in comfort or away from the bed for help finding something that has fallen or perhaps dropped off the bed in a dark room. 

The most practical of bedside wall fittings have to be those fitted with a reading light. This is a fitting that comes with an additional arm attached that casts a narrow beam of light, usually from an LED source, right to the page should you desire. Some fittings of this kind (and as we understand many more to come) would be what is called dual control, this feature gives you more options in regard to the operation of the fitting depending on your needs as you can choose between having both or just one of the sources on the fitting.

Bedside wall Light with Reading Light Arm

Bedside wall light fittings can also be just as in keeping with decor as table lamps can. With a wide variety of shades to match up with bedspreads or curtains and various finishes go with bed frames, door handles or clothes rails there is no chance of you having to sacrifice style in order to gain that extra practicality and ease of living we all expect from our place of rest.

The growth in popularity of these fittings is a great example of the public growing awareness of home lighting at its fullest extent. More than any fancy sofa or flat screen TV, lighting can make a great impact on the overall feel of a home. And in places such as the bedroom, mood lighting, relaxing warm glows and sufficient practical illumination is vital, and Bedside wall lights are quickly becoming one of the most desirable and trustworthy of solutions to bedroom lighting problems.

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