Rouge Aluminium Woven Wire Table Lamp and Woven Wire Floor Lamp – Diyas Lighting

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Rouge Woven Wire Table Lamp

The Rouge range of woven wire aluminium lamps are yet another stunning addition to the great ranges of wire woven floor lamps and table lamps currently produced by Diyas Lighting. The rouge range in particular is an especially desirable concept as it features of course at aluminium wire weaves construction and botanical concept as other in the range, but the floral display in question is based on the classic and very popular Red Rose flower.

Rouge Woven Wire Floor Lamp – Decoration

The Red chrome blooms that really give the range its kick, in regard to it being a designer item, are accompanied by stunning and exquisite K9 crystal floral decorations to add that extra sparkle to a room’s light when switched on for all to admire. The Red Rose design concept should prove to be an extremely popular choice among both English patriots and romantics worldwide for what it represents.

All in All the Rouge range from Diyas lighting, consisting of the woven wire table lamp and wire weave floor lamp, are just as visually stunning as the wire woven lamps that have come before it, maybe even more so.

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