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Majestic Monday is a chance for us to share with you some fantastic inspirational, interior blog sites, Here’s another collection of some of the amazing sites we’ve recently discovered.

Polly Rowan

With a degree in textile design and five years blogging experience under her belt, Polly is a Londoner who knows her stuff when it comes to design.

Her blog is a mixture of inspiration, interiors and snippets from her life. You can also check out her own handiwork, from sewing to textile printing to glass painting! We particularly love her post about pineapples in interior design: who knew a piece of fruit could make such a splash in the design world?

2Chiaki Creates

Chiaki is a busy writer with all manner of interests: old movies, cats, books, cooking … oh, and as if that wasn’t enough she also designs and makes textiles. Phew!

Take a look at her ‘currently creating’ feature to find out what’s going on in her workroom, or hop over to her tutorial pages to find out how to make beautiful items for your home. We can’t get enough of her cute vintage camera strap tutorial: such a simple idea to transform a boring black strap into something fresh and pretty!

3Dally Decorum

Dally Decorum just turned one year old. That might seem young in blogging terms, but in that time it’s become a real hub for interior design advice and inspiration online.

The four ladies behind design agency Decorum blog about the latest trends, dream homes and their own adventures on location and at trade shows. We simply adore their peek into a chic modern home, complete with a piano in the open plan bedroom!

4Dishfunctional Designs

When we break a plate, most of us sweep up the pieces and throw them away, but not Laura. She’s an artist who sees beauty in all sorts of unusual places, and she transforms old and broken china into beautiful jewellery!

It isn’t just pretty plates that float Laura’s boat, though. Here she gathers together all sorts of upcycling ideas for breathing new life into tired items. Our favourite of her pieces is an art nouveau butterfly necklace: ideal for summer.

5DIY Disasters

Are you a walking DIY disaster? Does everything you touch seem to turn to rubble? Then take a look at this great blog and discover that you’re not alone with your decorating woes!

This hilarious blog is packed with stories submitted by readers about their misadventures in DIY. From missing house numbers to the man who accidentally took an angle grinder to his own leg, this blog will give you a good laugh and make you realise that – however bad your DIY disaster – it could be worse!

6Home House Interiors

At this fantastic blog you’ll find everything you need to make your house a home, whether you’re searching for a tasty new recipe, or you fancy a nosy around someone else’s abode.

The real Home House is a bed and breakfast in a 500 year cottage, renovated over four years by the brains behind this blog. We particularly love the cottage’s gorgeous rustic kitchen, complete with traditional Aga. For a cosy interiors blog with a friendly feel, you can’t go wrong at Home House.

7Hot Furnishings and Interiors

Coco Chanel said, “An interior is the projection of the soul,” and the folks at Hot Furnishings and Interiors certainly agree. Here they share some of the most beautifully designed spaces they can find.

You can take photo tours around plenty of brilliant buildings, including a modern library, a cutting edge office and loads of stunning private homes. We really love the San Francisco headquarters of Airbnb, featuring an open-plan canteen with a huge skylight. Simply amazing!

8Life With Munchers

Modern family living finds a home here, as Mummy, Daddy, two year old Munch (and the cat!) save the pennies, decorate their home and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

There are loads of tips here to help you and your family get organised and find your own style for your home, without breaking the bank. Of course, we have to mention little Munch’s beautiful bedroom: it’s a haven of cute toys, pretty prints and a rather lovely owl cushion!

9My Interior Stylist

Out of the success of interior design company My Interior Stylist comes this excellent blog, where design expert Zoe shares her pro-tips and insider knowledge of the homes industry.

At the moment her expert eye is lusting after copper, that lovely shiny metal that can be incorporated into any room in your home. Naturally, we love her choice of a freestanding copper bath. Buffed to glittering perfection, this centrepiece might be a little pricey for some, but there’s plenty of inspiration here to suit every pocket.

10Norse White

We all know that the Scandinavians often lead the way in minimalistic design. At Norse White you’ll find furniture, architecture and interiors from all over the world, that adhere to the nordic principles of simplicity and function.

This blog brings you the very best in minimalist spaces, as well as the dramatic items of furniture that are designed to make a big impact. We really like the post about how to take ombre out of the wardrobe and into your home. Why not paint your walls different shades of pink?

11The Owl and the Accordion

Thrifty blogger, vintage fan and crafter Vicky welcomes you to The Owl and the Accordion, where modern and vintage sit side by side, and thrifted knick knacks find a home.

This blog is a feast for the eyes, especially if you love all things retro. We particularly like Vicky’s feature about taking a peek into her favourite bloggers’ homes. This week was the turn of blogger Kat, whose vintage headboard has us dreaming of redecorating our own bedrooms!

12The Peak of Chic

If you like traditional homes, you’ll certainly find something to catch your eye at The Peak of Chic. Jennifer is an interiors-lover with a soft spot for vintage pieces, and she recently published a book all about traditional and classic design.

She blogs about the stunning (and sometimes surprising) vintage items that she finds, and her role in bringing the seemingly old-fashioned back on trend. We really love her looks into old homes, including Speed Lankin’s striking entrance hall and staircase.

13What’s In Your Bedroom

No room in the house is more personal than the bedroom, and this blog aims to take you right into the heart of lots of these intimate rooms, from readers to celebrities.

If nosing around other people’s homes is your favourite pastime, then this is your dream blog. For each bedroom there’s a series of photographs and an interview with the owner, so you can discover the person behind the decor. We particularly love Ellie’s room, with its colourful knick knacks and neon bunting!

14Bobby Rabbit

Bobby Rabbit is the home of all sorts of little treasures – it’s even named after the author’s own childhood treasure, an adorable rabbit toy. Whether you’re redecorating or hunting for gifts for someone else, this blog is the place to come for pretty and simple design.

This is the perfect source of inspiration for a quirky child’s bedroom. We can’t get enough of the black cat-themed bedroom: the wallpaper is ideal for feline fans!

15The Ecospot

Interior design with an eco-friendly twist: that’s the Ecospot blog, from interiors and exteriors expert Claire Potter. There are sustainable ideas for all sorts of spaces from kids’ bedrooms to industrial buildings, and everything in between.

This canny blogger spots design inspiration wherever she goes, including her recent trip to Berlin where she discovered a cute little van decorated with eye-catching orange and blue. Everybody loves a splash of colour!

16Heart Handmade

Heart Handmade is packed with homemade goodies, crafting projects and tutorials so you can take the ideas from the screen straight into your home. What’s more, it’s a pastel paradise!

Take a peek into the home behind the blog, decorated by crafting aficionado Claire. Our favourite is Claire’s craft room: crammed with art supplies and genius storage solutions, we’re sure this gorgeous room would get anybody’s creative juices flowing.


Art, gadgets, furniture and interiors: everything you need to make your home your own can be found right here at IcreativeD. This blog has plenty of inspiring ideas for fans of the modern, the colourful and the quirky.

We just adore the tiny, low-budget home. It was delivered to the owners by helicopter and it has everything you need in a building the size of a shed, including a lovely little loft for the bed!

18IKEA Hackers

After searching online for cool ways to ‘hack’ her IKEA purchases, Jules decided to gather them all in one place. Lo and behold, IKEA Hackers was born, and DIYers around the world have never looked back.

There are so many cool ways to transform your regular IKEA furniture into stylish pieces for the modern home. We love the LILLABO hack: just take IKEA’s wooden railway track and use it as a frame for a blackboard. Perfect wall decoration for a child’s bedroom!


Jewellery designer during the week, junk collector at the weekends, Artemis Russell started Junkaholique as a way to share (and sell) her excellent vintage discoveries with the world.

A taste for vintage runs in the blood, it seems: check out Artemis’ day out with her daughter, who is a mini bargain-hunter in the making. We think the rusty little till she found is just adorable, and it goes well with mummy’s distressed blue bench. Learn treasure-hunting from the best at Junkaholique.

19Max and Mummy

Max and Mummy is the story of Laura, a girl who met a boy and had a baby. Now this happy family lives life to the full, and mummy keeps track of all their adventures right here.

This is a lifestyle blog jam-packed with funky toys, cute clothing and fantastic ideas for family days out. We really love their trip to see some terrifyingly realistic dinosaur models – little Max was fearless in the face of a velociraptor!

20Maybush Studio

There’s something for everybody to love at Maybush Studio. Clare is a mum, crafter, photographer and box set-lover, so whether you’re handy or outdoorsy you’ll uncover something inspiring here.

Follow this family as they cook together, craft together and laugh together. You can even find some great ideas for how to spend your own quality family time. We really love their family portrait frame: it’s a fantastic way to free your favourite photos from the computer!

21Molly Meg Blog

At this blog – the design shop for children – cute accessories and colourful fabrics abound. Think stylish homeware for a child’s room, with a dash of vintage thrown in, and you have the beautiful world of Molly Meg.

It’s great to see the shop’s latest additions, as well as photos from happy customers showing off their purchases in their homes. We can’t get enough of the skateboard shelves: they’re a little boy’s fantasy!

22My Little Orangery

My Little Orangery is Patricia’s digital home, where she notes down ideas for prettifying her real home and collects striking items that she would love to put in her dream house.

Patricia has plenty of perfect tips for improving your home from floor to ceiling. We love her idea for reusing old candle jars. Simply clean them out with boiling water and put them to good use as tealight holders or pen pots. They’re beautiful desk accessories!

23Smallest Smallholding

Lucy and Rich would like nothing better than to live the self-sustainable good life. In fact they’ve started their adventure already, with a small plot for growing plants and keeping their flock of ex-battery hens.

You can check out what’s happening on the smallest smallholding all year round and discover the things they cook with their homegrown goodies. We really like their purple flowering broccoli – it looks good and makes a healthy meal. What could be better?

24Still Plus Life

Still + Life started out as Lauren’s craft blog, but she soon discovered that her passions lay elsewhere. Now photography has taken a front seat and she charts her family’s lives through her beautiful images.

We just love her Instagram challenges, where she sets herself the task of taking new themed images every fortnight. Her food photography is to die for, especially that prawn cocktails which have us drooling! This is a great blog for anyone with a taste for photography.

25Style Space and Stuff

Samantha is a self-confessed obsessive about interiors. She lives and breathes stylish spaces, and her blog is the home of all her favourite inspiration.

If secondhand finds and and budget accessories are your style, this is the blog for you: Samantha blogs about pricey dream purchases as well as bargains to suit a shallower pocket. We love her ideas for displaying your favourite things, including the chic white magazine rack – ideal for minimalist homes.

26Leanne’s Blog

This is a family blog with tons of heart, as it follows the lives of crafter and bargain-hunter Leanne and her growing family (including Zack the chihuahua).

As well as ideas for upcycling furniture and improving your garden, you’ll also find plenty of truly touching posts about Leanne’s children and the moments she treasures as they grow up. We particularly love her letter to her one year old daughter: it’s filled with lovely messages for a little girl with a big smile!

27Sunny Sweet Pea

Sunny Sweet Pea is all about the small pleasures in life, from finding that perfect shell on the beach to biting into a delicious homemade scone. Armed with a camera, Jenny documents all her little joys right here, and ticks things off her list of things to do before 30.

There are some really scrummy recipes at Sunny Sweet Pea, using unusual ingredients like lavender and edible flowers. We think her toffee brownies look absolutely divine, and they’re made with Fairtrade chocolate too!

28Tales from a Happy House

Creative, colourful and never dull: that’s Tales from a Happy House, your new online home if you love to follow adventures in crafting. Gillian spends her time stitching, crocheting, baking and lusting after Nordic design.

There are so many gorgeous seasonal designs here, to help you decorate your home for any occasion. We just adore her cute Easter garland, made with lovely felt eggs and hung across the mantelpiece. So festive!

29Vintage Celebrations

You’ll be amazed by what you can make out of a humble piece of paper. All you need is some materials and amazing crafter Lisa to show you how!

From scrapbooking to cardmaking, Lisa knows it all: she’s made loads of tutorials to help you with your own papery creations, and she also sells handy kits for beginners. We can’t get enough of her DIY chocolate treat basket, complete with ribbons and paper flowers as decoration. Just perfect!


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