Making Good Use Of Picture Lights

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Polished Brass Picture Light

If you have a collection of attractive artwork, either photographs or paintings, it is a shame not to be able to enjoy them to their full potential after dark. Picture lights are an excellent way of drawing attention to the pictures on your walls without overwhelming the main lighting scheme, because they cast focussed light down onto the picture that doesn’t encroach too much of the rest of the room’s lighting. The design of these fixtures themselves is usually very understated and simple so that it does not detract too much attention from the actual piece of art, but is simply a way of delivering the light to the intended area of your wall space.

Picture lights can be wired in two different ways. They can either be wired in sequence to a single switch, so that they can all be operated as one, or they can be separately wired with a switch (usually a pull cord or press button) on the actual fitting itself. This latter of these options probably preferable for the collector with many art works they wish to display, as only a few can be lit if otherwise the lights would make the room too bright. An alternative way of using separately switched lights would be to choose a theme or perhaps just one favourite picture and light just that, to make a focal point in the room. Picture lights are normally made in a metal finish, either bronzed, brass or aluminium in either polished or matte. Matte finishes tend to interfere less with a rooms decor, whether they are on or off, but in most cases the choice of finish really depends on your decor and existing light fittings.

Matte Black LED Picture Light

I think we could all agree that when lighting a number of pictures in a room where art or photographs are to be displayed, it’s important that they not only do the art piece proper justice but also match with one another to help uphold an even flow to the rooms design and decorating scheme. Picture lights, although often small compared to more significant room lights can have a great effect on the overall feel of the room, there is definitely something stylish about an understated, yet ornate polished brass fitting in a room dressed with gleaming antique polished wood. There are also many fine antique effect finished display lights to complement classic art pieces. The antique effect doesn’t have to be real; any more than the pictures do to create a lasting impression. Even your old family photos can get a new lease on life and look really special lit to help take you back to the time they were taken. Whether it is holiday snap or a wedding portrait, complementing accent light can really bring a sense of prestige and distinction to your most beloved memories.

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