Make Your Outdoors Great With Stylish Garden Lights

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Outdoor Lighting

Whatever your personal opinion is of entertaining outdoors, it is nevertheless a fact that more and more people these days are using the garden whenever possible as if it were just another room of the house, with permanent gazebos, summerhouses, pergolas or even hot tubs being an important part of how people use their leisure time. Well placed garden lights are an important part of any outdoor design plan you may have in mind, even if the project in question is the addition of a small patio, decking or other sitting area, the correct lighting can be very effective for a number of reasons. Carrying drinks and food out to a table in the dark is almost bound to result in an accident unless the path is well lit.

The important thing to remember when placing a garden light on a pathway is that the feet are well lit first and foremost. That takes care of the journey to your outdoor entertaining area, but it is also important to provide sufficient lighting at a higher level for when you arrive on your decking or patio of any kind, so you can enjoy your social time to its full extent. Solar lights are a good choice in both settings, as they usually give at least eight hours of reasonable illumination after a moderately bright day, but are rarely unpleasantly bright and imposing. Even so, it is a good idea to have a permanently wired alternative in case you need something a little brighter for any more exacting task than having that well-earned drink after work.

Traditional Post Light

Post lights are a good way of using light in the garden and can be found in solar ranges sold separately, and the mains operated versions (or wired) are usually provided in a set of four or more. Post Lights can either be used alongside a path or they can be scattered in amongst planting to pick out a specimen plant or tree. When it comes to the previously mentioned walkway lighting you cannot get a more ideal fitting than brick lights. Brick lights can be fitted as part of a stretch of block paving or into a wall. However you should be aware that the ideal time to think about brick lighting is before the construction, as it is extremely difficult, although not entirely impossible, to fit brick lights into an existing structure.

Garden Spike Light

For those that are more green fingered and would like to show off some of the attractive plants or shrubbery you may have the best option by far is perhaps, an alternative to the aforementioned post lights, would be Garden spike lights. Mains operated for the majority, but some solar options are out there, this fitting usually comes in two part sold together, the spike (of course) and the light head. Simply attach the fitting to the spike and with relative ease push the spike into the soil around you plants. One of the main bonuses of these fittings is that most of them are incredibly versatile and adjustable, so placement of the spike itself isn’t vital as the lamp head can be moved around quite freely to shine on whichever piece of your gardening handy work you are most proud of. 

Mantra "Pine" Outdoor Light

Recently the bounds comprehension has been tested in regard to outdoor lighting, by one manufacturer in particular. Mantra lighting has released some great freestanding lighting solutions intended for use outdoors as well as in. The Pine and Palma collections are truly something to behold and see if they are to be believed. They are on the higher end of the price spectrum but well worth it due to the grand effect they can have.

The main thing to remember when installing outdoor lighting is that even the most amazing of British summers does not usually deliver as many warm evenings as we’d hoped for. If you have a conservatory or a large window in your house, you might want to consider lighting the garden for the purpose of viewing it from the inside for the majority, and then of course you can reap the full benefits of your garden when the sun does decide to shine.

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