Majestic Monday – Issue 6

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Oh Gosh


Emma is a blogger with eclectic hobbies, from snowboarding to sailing, rum-drinking to crafting. Here she charts all of life’s adventures and the goodies she lusts after for her home.

As well as plenty of recipes and handy crafting guides, you’ll find loads of design inspiration for your home. Emma is on the brink of buying her first house and is collecting interiors ideas for her dream home, room by room. We particularly love her plans for a nautical bathroom, complete with a bath shaped like a boat!

Angel + Blume


 Cate is the brains behind Angel + Blume. She’s an interior designer and colour specialist who has created stunning designs in both homes and offices, and this is her inspirational online scrapbook.

Stylish photography is the name of the game here, as Cate explores the beautiful spaces near her and examines upcoming trends and themes. We really love her in-depth look at decoupage, or ‘painting with scissors’: some very talented artists have converted this blogger (and us) into a fan of the art of collage.

Lucy Writes

dressing table.jpg

Lucy writes about all things beautiful, from beauty products to fashion, and she’s also a baker, trying her hand at her grandmother’s tried and tested recipes.

Right now Lucy is getting stuck into redecorating her home, so expect lots of gorgeous interiors inspiration! We can’t enough of her amazing dressing table: her make-up collection is to be envied, and her French-style decorations and furniture add heaps of elegance to the little corner.

Ginger Bisquite


From hectic London living to full-time parent, Jenni’s life has certainly changed a lot in the last few years. Last year she moved into a new house and has been putting her stamp on the place using all of her DIY and thrifty knowledge.

There’s plenty of practical advice here for design-lovers who want to get stuck in, and some ideas that are just for fun. We really love her post about making a wooden framed kids’ tent. It’s cute, sturdy and perfect for hanging out in outdoors!

Baby Style File

Are you a proud new parent, or expecting to be soon? Then this is the blog for you! Baby Style File will bring you the very latest in design for kids wardrobes and bedrooms, so you can raise your little one in style.

Decorating a child’s room doesn’t have to mean clashing colours and lots of clutter: with just a few simple touches this blog will show you how to make a playful and pretty bedroom. We really like the rocket rabbit print – who wouldn’t want a bunny jetting off into space on their wall?

Secrets of a Butterfly


At Secrets of a Butterfly, Kathryn preaches peace, inspiration and prettiness. She shares dreamy clothing, scrummy recipes and tips for living a happy, natural life.

We really love her mandalas: pretty arrangements of flowers and leaves that can be a wonderful source of design inspiration for your home and your life. This beautiful blog is a haven of peace in a busy world, so put your feet up and have a read – you won’t regret it!

Patchwork Harmony


Are you after cutting-edge design news with a dash of vintage chic? Patchwork Harmony collects together the new and the old to bring you a breathtaking mix of design advice, so your creative well will never run dry.

From unusual storage ideas to DIY posts you’ll definitely want to try yourself, this excellent blog is brimming with ideas for your home. We particularly love her post about sprucing up plain napkins with colourful lace, proving that a small change can make a huge aesthetic difference.

Design Lovers Blog


Exactly what it says on the tin: here’s a blog that will bring you all the latest design finds, up-to-date trends and quirky products that you could possibly desire.

There are mood boards to help you build a room around a theme, colour palettes for the most current colour combos, and tips for adding glamour and light to your home. We can’t get enough of the knitted home decorations: those large knitted poufs look delightfully cosy!

Tidy Away Today


Antonia loves nothing more than giving new life to old, tired pieces of furniture and, having to meet the storage needs of a family of five, she’s certainly become a bit of a pro at it!

Check out her project gallery to see what she’s working on at the moment, and all the beautiful things she has already filled her home with. We just love how she decorated her children’s playroom, complete with numbered bunting and a special Lego play table.

Angel in the North


This Yorkshire lady is the Angel in the North: a fashionista, crafter, traveller and property-lover. Phew! Here you can take a look inside chic homes, discover how to make your own luxurious accessories and gather ideas for your wedding day.

This blogger’s house renovation is quite something to behold. We just love how she has renovated her master bedroom, turning it from a plain room into a gorgeously stylish bedroom with striking green accents. Just beautiful!

The Ecospot Blog


This Brighton-based interiors blog has an eye for sustainable design, so if you love landscapes and interiors that love the planet back, check out Claire Potter’s blog.

Claire’s blog has themed days, including weekend colour inspiration and wall Wednesdays. We really like her Monday musings about pop up gardens – have you ever seen some unexpected greenery in your city? Well, before long you might start seeing futuristic bubble gardens. You heard it here first!

Gingerbread Buttons


A girl, a boy and a bunny called Bunny share their adventures on this lovely blog. Libby loves to dye her hair and devour freshly baked cakes – it sounds good to us!

This is an entertaining and touchingly honest blog, as Libby writes about everything from the things that make autumn cosy, to dealing with the very real pressures of social anxiety. We really love her Valentine’s Day scratch card: just scratch off the red paint to reveal a Valentine’s favour.

Maggie Stone


Kelle has worked in the fashion buying industry for years, and she started Maggie Stone as another creative outlet and a place to share the fun she has with her fiance and two children.

This is the place to come for the ultimate in kids style – from bedrooms to wardrobes, Kelle will show you how to add glamour to every aspect of their lives. We can’t get enough of her son Fraser’s bedroom. It’s a glorious mixture of colourful characters and bold prints, and even a cuddly Paddington Bear!

Style Arch


The brains behind Style Arch has a distinct sense of personal style and some truly excellent taste in design. Here she shares her favourite interiors and gives you tips to get the looks yourself.

If you have an eye for detail, you’ll love her featured finds, including cute throw cushions, quirky ceiling lights and unusual wallpaper designs. We really love the brightly coloured mosaic wallpaper – it would make a fantastic statement wall and it looks great coupled with vintage furniture.

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