Majestic Monday – Issue 8

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1Design Sponge

Design Sponge is a fantastic blog for new comers and people looking to renovate their home. It takes a look at transformations from before and after and how to make your home beautiful with a low budget too! There’s a section for DIY, and a dropdown section names ‘places’ which takes a look at design ideas from all over the globe. The blog is run by Brooklyn based writer Grace Bonney, design sponge is an international blog site which attracts readers from all around the world.

2Desire to Inspire

Kim and Jo are interior junkies, they are the writers of this blog, and they touch up on architecture, stylish rooms, and interior design. Desire to Inspire was shared to show their love and passion for interior design. Kim is from Ottawa, Canada and Jo is from Brisbane, Australia they met on Flickr and bring their different backgrounds together and share different styles of interior design. They take a look at different interiors and even their own readers’ homes, the main aim is to inspire people. Desire to Inspire attracts all types of audiences looking for a little inspiration.


Houzz is a blog site created in the USA, bringing lifestyle and interior design together through picture posts and blog posts. Their passion for interior design shines through with their picture posts. It’s a leading platform, for home remodeling and design, providing their audiences with everything they will need, to improve their home design from start to finish. Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. Houzz is a great way for people to get some design inspiration, expert advice and help people turn their dream ideas into reality.


Designboom is an independent publication, on all contemporary aspects of art, architecture and design. Milan based the site, attracts millions of readers all over the world, it offers photos of international design shows, architect and art exhibitions, interviews and portraits of the protagonists in the contemporary creative scene; design history and in-depth
information on the creators of design classics. Designboom purely looks at international design and allow creative people from around the world to share their ideas.

David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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