Majestic Monday – Issue 7

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Majestic Monday is a chance for us to share with you some fantastic inspirational, interior blog sites so you can maybe ….

Lucy Loves YaIMG_04752-e1393083645516.jpg

For Lucy, inspiration is everything, especially when it concerns her passion: vintage fabrics. If it’s colourful, quirky and retro, she’s interested, and her love for design also expands into art and fashion.

Lucy shares outfit posts, her latest favourite finds and some wanderings through London in search of awesome graffiti and little-noticed artistic inspiration. We really love her decoupage flamingo – not only was it therapeutic to make but it would make a fantastic accessory in a colourful room!

Lish Conceptsimagine-curtain.jpg

Mummylish is a happy mum of one, teaching her child everything from baking to how to travel the world. There’s plenty here to get your teeth into if you too want a life of creativity and freedom.

This is a family that isn’t afraid to get stuck in and have an adventure, whether it’s at a child-friendly music festival or a charity cycling relay. She also has a wonderful eye for design and has created a wonderful bedroom for her little girl, including a cute under-bed play area complete with doll’s house!

We Heartkuengcaputo1.jpg

It’s no surprise that we heart this blog. With its eclectic mix of art, fashion, travel and design, We Heart has everything you need to stay on trend in every aspect of your life.

When it comes to design, this blog deals with the small picture and the big, from accessories for your home to the latest architecture you can find in cities around the world. We can’t get enough of the Swiss paint-splattered benches – they’d look just as stylish in a modern home as they do in the art gallery!

Florence Findsmodern-victorian-terraced-house-chorlton.jpg

Part-time GP, part-time lifestyle blogger, Rebecca knows what it takes to lead a healthy and stylish life. She named her blog after her grandmother, a single mum who, after the First World War, raised her daughter without losing any of her iconic elegance.

Florence Finds is all about style for the modern woman in her home, her wardrobe, her kitchen and her travels abroad. We especially like taking a peek into her own beautiful home, which included a pretty flamingo print and an equally pretty pet cat.

Cosy Home Bloggingerlily-leaves-aqua-luxury-silk-duvet-cover-bedding.jpg

Everybody wants a cosy home, and the team behind this wonderful blog will do all they can to make that dream come true for everyone. They’ll show you comfy furnishings, luxurious items of furniture and decor ideas to pull your room design together.

Cosy Home will also give you plenty of practical information to make your home work for you. We really love their post about how to choose the right bedding that will take into account your sensitive skin without compromising on style.

The White ApproachIMG-20140129-04347.jpg

When it comes to interior design, lavish colours and expensive patterns aren’t always the answer. Sometimes subtlety is the best way to make a dramatic statement, and nobody knows that better than The White Approach.

This blog is the ultimate in ‘less is more’, proving that you can have a stylish, modern home without breaking the bank. Follow this blogger as she renovates furniture and turns her home into an all-white dream. We love her careful use of colour, like the striking white and turquoise plates that would look stunning in any home.

Atticus and FinchEmily_Chess_June130716.jpg

With seven years’ experience in interior design and prop styling, you’re in safe hands with the writer of Atticus and Finch. She shares tons of intriguing design finds and snaps from her own home, including a very nosy cat.

You’ll find a range of different styles at Atticus and Finch, from bold animal prints and geometric patterns, to simple colours and design inspiration from nature. We particularly love her chess photo shoot, featuring a board made from monochrome tiles and some rather vibrant chess pieces!

Well I Guess This Is Growing UpAnnie-Sloan-Dresser-02.jpg

Love, life and DIY. Karen charts her journey along the ultimate grown-up path: buying and renovating her first home, alongside her husband Joe and some fuzzy friends, Scrabble and Bramble the ferrets!

They’ve recently finished building the kitchen after six months of construction work, and it’s all ready to become a gorgeous, open-plan heart of the home. Before long they’ll be able to put in their upcycled kitchen dresser. It’s a vision in orange with beautiful rustic detailing.


Decorenvy is Lucy’s online scrapbook for all the loveliest craft ideas, recipes and DIY guides she stumbles across, and it’s filled with inspiration for all manner of design addicts.

Check out her handy DIY guides to discover how to make cute accessories of your own, so you can spruce up any room without emptying your wallet. We can’t get enough of the pink ombre lampshade, the perfect way to transform a regular lampshade into an eye-catching centrepiece!


This is the home of all things paper. You’ll be amazed how many beautiful objects can be made with a humble piece of paper, and you’ll probably want to try your hands at papercrafting too!

There are tips for wrapping gifts in style, transforming doilies into parasols for your cocktails, and the many beautiful uses of washi tape. We particularly love the Papermash wrapped picture frame: simply choose a pretty pattern and wrap up an old picture frame to give it a new lease of life.

Kat Got The Creamwall-paper-1024x764.jpg

Thrifty mum of three Kat loves cheese on toast, Miss Marple and finding great secondhand and vintage bargains for her home. Follow her money-saving escapades right here and learn the tricks of the trade to save some pennies yourself.

Kat finds all sorts of lovely little things on her wanderings around the country, and gives her favourites a place in her home. We really love her cute floral accessories – they look fantastic lined up on the window ledge, next to her eye-catchingly exotic wallpaper!

Beautiful Kitchens SourcebookStylish-kitchen-from-Marks-Spencer.jpg

Everything you’ve ever needed to know about kitchens is just a click away, thanks to the Beautiful Kitchens Sourcebook. They’ll bring you the very best in kitchen suppliers and help you dream up the ideal kitchen for your home.

Ever lusted after an open-plan kitchen or dreamed of a freestanding kitchen island? On this blog you can make your dreams a reality, and never miss out on the hottest kitchen trends. We really love the colourful combo of white and pine, with bright red accessories: perfect for that trendy vintage look!


If your favourite room in the house is your kitchen, give it all the love and attention it deserves with design finds from Kitchenisms. Ele knows just what makes a perfect kitchen, from furniture to wallpaper, to the yummy recipes you cook there.

Settle into Kitchenisms for a feast of visual comfort: there are sleek, minimalist kitchens for readers with modern taste and rustic country kitchens for the more traditional among you. We particularly love the kitchen that combines both styles: pure white walls with a thick wooden table. Divine!

The Kitchen ThinkSensios-DuoFlex-cool-white-strip-lighting-520x390.jpg

Do you dream of kitchens? Then check out The Kitchen Think – there’s plenty here to feast your eyes on and feed your design dreams.

Not only does The Kitchen Think bring you the best and brightest kitchen trends, it also has practical advice on how to make your kitchen work for you, from the debate surrounding boiling water taps to how to get your kids involved in the kitchen. We particularly love the idea of strip lighting under your work surfaces, to bring subtlety and focus to the heart of your home.

Thrifty Decor ChickIMG_8490_thumb.jpg

Make your home beautiful and stay in budget with advice from the Thrifty Decor Chick, a woman called Sarah who really knows how to design on the cheap, without sacrificing quality and style.

Not only does Sarah have great taste in the finer points of design, she’s also hands-on with the DIY, so her blog is brimming with practical information. She’s recently ‘beefed up’ the baseboards all over her home and we think they look just stunning – it’s a relatively small change that makes a big difference to every room!


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