Majestic Monday – Issue 4

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Throughout the Majestic Monday’s series we have been bringing you some superb interesting features from across the globe. This week we have come across some seriously nice lifestyle and interior design blogs, from a range of perfectly presented authors. Please enjoy 🙂

abmessA Beautiful Mess

A beautiful mess is a blog based on creating a beautiful lifestyle. It’s daily updated with inspirational recipes, fashion and home décor.  Started in 2007 as a ‘just for fun’ blog, inputting ideas it then went on and developed over the years to become a successful lifestyle blog with many hits a day.


Apartment Therapy

They believe in a beautiful home making you happy, that’s why they share daily ideas and inspiring tips on how to make your home beautiful. Shortly after releasing the blog in 2001, the team had an email launch on sharing interior design tips. They then decided to turn the email into a blog releasing reviews on stores, daily tips and styles, posting photos of projects and asking questions.


Habitually Chic

Heather Clawson shares all things chic on her blog Habitually Chic. She’s on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter along with her blog she shares images of her favourtie home décor designs, and her favourite magazines and stores. She shares her design ideas and luxury lifestyle, to inspire people who are looking for a more lavish, elegant and glamorous interior, lifestyle.



Sian is the editor of MORGEOUS based in Manchester, she writes about property design, property renovating, gorgeous ideas to update your décor and a little bif of lifestyle in there too. Updated daily, the blog attracts different audiences each day, as there is something for everyone, including foods from around the world.


The Selby

Todd Selby is a photographer who became interested in photography lifestyle. He began photographing friends homes, for inspiration and inspiration to be yourself within your interior design. Based in New York, the blog is visited many times a day, he also shares photos  via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and shares other creative interior design blogs.

Abigaill Laura Is the face behind your inspiration.

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