Majestic Monday – Issue 3

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In this weeks issue of Majestic Monday we continue to look at some superb blogs. Lighting is a crucial aspect of interior design so we’re always reading up about new design trends. These are some of our favourite interior design blogs, which we thought we’d share with you.

1Tigerlily Quinn

Mama, illustrator and all-round design junkie Fritha blogs about her life, and gives her readers advice for bringing beauty and calm into their lives too.

This blog is a haven of simple pleasures, from winter weekend walks to thrifty shopping tips. Of course there are plenty of interiors features too, including an inspiring DIY post about redecorating her front room. The combination of bold colour and vintage furniture makes for a truly beautiful and versatile space. Just lovely!

2Oh So Amelia

Named after her little bundle of joy, Amelia, Kerry started this blog as a way to document her daughter’s life, for her to read back when she is older.

There are posts about everything from parenting to food to DIY, making this a wonderful source of good advice for everyone. If you want to create a beautiful and organised nursery for a toddler, check out Amelia’s playroom – it’s brimming with great storage ideas for toys of all shapes and sizes.

3The World of Kitsch

Are you a fan of vintage curiosities and retro style? Then The World of Kitsch could be your home from home.

Follow Claire into her world and check out her tips for bringing the retro look into your own home: it’s all about bright, contrasting colours and unusual statement pieces, like a striking monochrome rug. Packed with gorgeous finds, this blog will immerse you in the wonderful world of kitsch; we’re sure you won’t want to leave!

4Along Came Cherry

Along Came Cherry is an honest and thoughtful blog, chronicling the lives and adventures of Jess’ young family as they craft, decorate and explore the great outdoors.

Jess and Mr C are certainly not ones to shy away from DIY. In fact, they’re in the process of renovating a gorgeous vintage caravan, to give them a little extra space for their creative pursuits. Check out their progress on this and other home improvement projects, including an incredible transformation of an understairs cupboard into an office!

5Confessions of a Design Geek

Award-winning blogger, Katie, shares the latest in interiors trends and champions new designers who inspire her, on her wonderful blog Confessions of a Design Geek.

Not only does she reveal the cutting edge of modern interior design, she also takes you behind the scenes in designers’ studios and lifts the lid on how they go about their work. Ever wondered how origami lampshades are made? Hear it straight from the designer’s lips and discover a world of technical detail behind your favourite statement pieces.

6Domestic Sluttery

This is a blog for ladies with better things to do, women who want their homes to look extraordinary without trawling through paint samples for hours on end. Does this sounds like you? Then head over to Domestic Sluttery for your fill of prettiness without the pain.

As well as recipes and fashion advice, you’ll find some brilliant interiors inspiration here. Do you have a blank wall that you don’t know what to do with? Stencils, stickers and carefully placed frames will turn your dull corner into an eye-catching display in no time!

7Violet Posy

Florals, vintage and shabby chic are the name of the game at Violet Posy. Liz dubs herself ‘a terrible DIY enthusiast’, but there’s certainly nothing terrible about her excellent blog!

We really love her post about loving where you live – it’s sure to inspire you to think about the hidden gems in your area. If you’re after more practical design inspiration, check out her tips for turning a boring old fireplace into one with a lot more drama. You might be surprised by what a lick of paint can do!

8Claire Justine

Mother of four, blogger and keen creative, Claire is a busy lady with plenty of projects on the go, including upcycling challenges and running in marathons.

We don’t know how she does it all, but we’re certainly glad she does. Discover how to add a touch of magic to any room in your home with her many upcycling projects, including the excellent vintage storage box. It starts life as an ordinary cardboard box, but add a little lace and some buttons and it’s a trinket box for all your treasures!

9What Katie Does

If it’s beautiful and she can take a photograph of it, you can be sure Katie will blog about it, whether it’s a beautiful place or a breathtaking ornament.

Her own home is a showcase of the loveliest things she encounters – take a look at the new storage shelf in her kitchen, a simple centrepiece that’s become a home to her collection of jars and pottery. This blog is a feast for the eyes and a great source of inspiration for budding designers.


Karine isn’t just obsessed with interior design, she also practices what she preaches and renovates her own home in London, and her holiday homes in France. If French rustic is your style, this blog will be right up your street.

This blogger is a champion of simplistic style and statement pieces. Her living room is a haven of sleek, clean design, but it’s the homemade pallet table that really sets it off. BODIE and FOU mixes modern and vintage to breathtaking effect.

11A Thrifty Mrs

If you’ve ever needed to know anything about thrifting, this is the place to be. This blogger calls her home Thrifty Towers and she fills it with all sorts of charity shop finds. Money-saving is the name of the game at A Thrifty Mrs!

Check out her comprehensive list of ‘how to’ guides, to help you pinch the pennies in every area of your life, and take a peek into her home. Need a quiet place to read? This blogger’s reading nook has everything you need from a cosy corner, including a gorgeous crochet blanket.

12Fabric of my Life

Like a blogging magpie, Kate hoards all her design ideas and musings in one place, to help refine her tastes and immerse herself in the world of great design.

Even a tiny change can make a big difference to a room, so why not think outside the box and try out funky lightbulbs or Parisian accessories? Discover innovative trends and companies from all over the world at Fabric of my Life, including some chic living room inspiration and a stunning hot pink sofa!

13APD Interiors Blog

The friendly team at APD are here to help you change your home for the better. Whether you need technical advice or just some creative inspiration, you’ll find it right here.

Take a look at APD’s projects and discover how they transform real homes into stylish abodes. We really love the ‘Room of the Week’ feature which brings you a fresh design idea each week. Ever wanted to decorate a room with a dark palette? APD will show you how to pull it off in style.

14Bright Bazaar

Mr Bazaar is an interiors junkie with a serious addiction to colour. Whether it’s pastel or bold, he’s interested!

Discover beautiful photography, swoonworthy suppliers and quirky designs at Bright Bazaar, including inspiration from Mr Bazaar’s recent trip to New York. He can find colour in the most unusual places, including a particularly eye-catching inner city lumber yard and sunset over the skyscrapers. This is a stunningly beautiful blog that you just have to visit.

15Fresh Design Blog

For the freshest design and interiors news, visit Fresh Design Blog: it’s an online retreat for everyone who truly believes that home is where the heart is.

Here you can get straight to the information you need, whether it’s ideas for flooring materials, glass ornaments or tips for revamping your kitchen. It’s a great idea to start with your kitchen cupboards: sprucing them up is a great way to add colour and freshness to the entire room. And why not make them a real centrepiece by painting them all different colours?

16H is for Home

Adelle and Justin spend their days sourcing one-off vintage items for their interior design shop. They’re experts on the different, the unusual and the truly unique, and this is the place where they’ll share their most weird and wonderful finds with you.

You can’t get much more old-school than a bright red dial telephone or a set of cute Babycham glasses, and retro touches like these can add a little magic to any room. Check out H is for Home and bring some old-fashioned charm into your life!

17Cherry Menlove

Cherry is a homemaker with a penchant for chatting – hence this delightful blog, where she shares moving tales from her family life and the strength that she draws from her home.

For Cherry, a beautiful, peaceful home really helps her to deal with life’s many ups and downs. You can take a sneak peek into the place where she has put down her roots – including her stunning new kitchen – and learn how to make your own home a soothing sanctuary.

18Domestic Goddesque

Once upon a time, a nurse named Kelly fell in love, got married, started a family and bought a house in the suburbs. Then, just last year, they upped sticks and moved to a new home, complete with woodland and their own family of chickens!

The Domestic Goddesque will show you her favourite recipes, crafting projects for kids and, of course, the changes she makes in her new home. We particularly love how she turned a built-in bookcase into funky storage for her little girls’ bedroom, finished off with a bright pink border. It’s perfectly girly!

19Mathilde Manech

Creatives, vintage-lovers and design geeks unite: Mathilde Manech is waiting for you! Join optimist Lisa as she blogs about life’s small pleasures and the joys of living positively.

We love the feature ‘5 positive things to do this week’ – there are loads of ideas here to bring a smile to your face or somebody else’s – and her collection of ideas to help you declutter, like the enviably organised shoe cabinet!


20Ben Petreath Design & Decoration

The team at Ben Pentreath are professional designers who are currently redecorating a Regency castle and a Bloomsbury townhouse, so you can be sure they have an eye for great design.

If you’re ever wanted to see what an interior designer’s job is really like, then this is the blog for you. Discover Ben’s creations in progress and how he finds inspiration in the smallest places, like in a set of vintage Christmas cards or a bright blue table lamp.

21Fuss Free Living

Who wouldn’t like a little fuss-free living? Jen is here to help you turn your house into a home with crafting tutorials, shopping guides and information about rolling up your sleeves and getting to work on your home yourself.

Do you really need a home office but don’t have the space? This canny blogger will show you how to shrink a whole room into a single box, so you can work and still keep your mind and your home clutter-free.

22Home Shopping Spy

Alice is the Home Shopping Spy and, as the Style Editor of Ideal Homes, you know you can go to her for the latest insider knowledge in the field of interior design.

You’ll just love her Designer’s Secrets, from funky screen printing to make pretty scatter cushions, to finding beautiful new textiles for your kitchen. Are you a bit of a fan of upcycling? Then check out the amazing table lamps made from demijohns – you won’t regret it!


London-based interior designer Annie loves to write about the big city and the English countryside, and all the design inspiration she finds on her adventures.

Whether she’s exploring at home or jetting off around the world, Annie always keep her eyes open for gorgeous spaces. Just recently she stayed in a beautiful wood-panelled house in the Jamaican Blue Mountains – if she can recreate some of that rustic beauty in her work then she’ll definitely be onto a winner.

25Decorator’s Notebook

Take a peek into the Decorator’s Notebook and discover a world of design ideas and practical tips that are sure to have you reaching for your tools.

Recently this brother and sister blogging team came up with a new design game: find five different rooms from around the internet that would work in one house. Their latest creation is a rustic farmhouse, complete with exposed brickwork and a wood-burning stove. Simply divine.

24Room Envy

We all know what it’s like to have room envy, but with this blog you needn’t any more! Channel all that energy into creating gorgeous spaces in your own home with the help of this excellent blog, and let some of your friends feel the envy for a change.

There are so many irresistible colour scheme ideas here for every room in the house that you’ll find it difficult to choose just one. Ever wanted to add some drama to your boudoir? Think dark statement wallpaper and floor-length curtains and you surely can’t go wrong.

26Anne Sage

Anne Sage is your online style guru. She’ll show you everything from outfits to home design, and how you can bring show-stopping style to every aspect of your life.

She’s always on hand with sage advice about how to style your home to match the season, from putting a knitted throw on your bed when the cold starts to set in, to adding a little vibrant colour in the summer. OK, we can’t all have a wall-sized world map in our dining room, but we can dream!

27Growing Spaces

Heather keeps family living firmly in mind as she renovates her 1970s house to suit life raising young twins. Her mission? Make her home beautiful, without compromising on practicality.

She’s come a very long way in the past few years and revamped many of the rooms in her house. In particular, we’re sure you’ll love the wallpapered feature wall in her living room: it’s bright, colourful and really brings the entire room together. You’ll find even more great inspiration like this at Growing Spaces.

28Our Vintage Life

Kate and Adam have their dream jobs: buying and restoring vintage furniture, and blogging about living the vintage life. Sound perfect to you? It gets better. You can fill your wardrobe, decorate your home and even plan your wedding with this excellent blog!

Everybody has that spare room that needs a little something to bring it to life. In the Vintage Home they used a cosy eiderdown and pops of colour to turn their spare room into the main event. There are so many wonderful ideas here, you won’t want to leave!

A29ttic 24

Climb up the steps and take a peep into Attic 24, where you can follow the gradual renovation of a 100 year old Victorian house, as well as Lucy’s adventures in baking, sewing and crafting.

Soft furnishings are a wonderful way to add comfort to your home and Attic 24 is brimming with things to make, especially if you’re a dab hand at crochet. In fact, if you’re a crafter who finds themselves overwhelmed by materials, check out Lucy’s studio to get some ideas about organising your own work space!

30Cardboard Cities

What started as a showcase for Laura’s own collage work has since grown into a fully-fledged design blog, with a particular passion for illustration and colour. From her clothes to her home, Laura is on a mission to bring you the best and brightest in interior design.

Do you want a home that looks good enough to eat? Then take a look at Laura’s snapshots of the week and discover the joys of ice-cream-coloured walls! Who knew a house could come in your favourite flavour?

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