Majestic Monday – Issue 15

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Here’s our latest round-up of some of the best UK interior design blogs from around the web. Colourful, inspirational and brilliant.

1Country Style Living

If you like jam making, dog walking and floral designs then this is the blog for you. As the name suggests this blog is dedicated to country style living and Maria clearly has an eye for all things country. With photographs of vintage and retro accessories suited for the home and garden, you can’t stop yourself taking a peek at her online shop.

There aren’t too many words in this blog but the photographs make you feel as though you’re in the country with Maria. You can easily spend a morning on the blog and before you know it you’re on her posts dating back to 2009!

2The Design Hub

This is a blog for the serious designer. The Design Hub offers career advice, shares industry news, introduces new products and much, much more. A one stop blog for the interior design professional.

Suitable for design enthusiasts too, The Design Hub will help anyone turn a house into something they love. We were particularly inspired by the design a room in 3D for free post. Wittily described by the author as the ‘Fisher Price’ version of CAD, we couldn’t wait to create a new room.

3Grey Chic

If you like all things chic, then you will love Alison Cosier’s blog Grey Chic. An antiques dealer with a love of style and art (among many other things) who shares images of stunning interiors that she finds and discusses these with her readers. Her blog posts are like a mini mood boards of her chosen discussion topic.

Her recent post; ‘how to create a gorgeous bedroom’ really caught our attention, the antique bed in the English bedroom was as Alison would describe “understated chic”. After reading her blog we now feel inspired to create our own gorgeous bedroom.

4Paper Plane Design

Full of quirky and unusual designs, including a nearly invisible home lift, which was surprisingly one of the most awesome images we’ve ever seen. Paper Plane Design focuses on a different topic each month and is Jake’s place to share his fascinating design finds.

A commercial interior designer by profession, he is also a talented graphic designer with a range of products on sale.

5A Dash of Design

An architect with an addiction to unusual design buys. Think stylish utensils, cute telephones and vintage radios. A Dash of Design is a blog to view if you’re stuck for inspiration. It’s also a great place to visit if your present shopping. With a range of really cool products, You will easily find something for the most fussiest of family member or friend.

We especially love the authors monthly wishlist. With a handy link that will direct you straight to the stockist, you no longer have to browse the internet searching for those products with a funky design.

6Anna Hansson Interior Design

Anna is all about luxury, individuality and functionality when it comes to interior design. With scandinavian roots, Anna also blogs about fashion and art and is considered the number one blog for keeping your on trend.

We love her interviews with successful creatives and especially loved the carrot draws. Who knew children’s draws could be so healthy?

7Decor and Style

“If you want a statement piece, it should be an expensive one, otherwise the statement you are making is “I can’t afford anything better”. Tom Delavan, Designer.

A blog dedicated to all the latest trends in decor and lifestyle,Decor and Style is a popular design resource that brings you inspiration from around the world. With a luxurious and glamorous feel, this blog showcases interiors that are bound to impress.

8The Ana Mum Diary
A busy and beautiful lifestyle blog, Amanda is a mum of two little girls, a wife and a writer. Full of beautiful interiors, cute fashion, beautiful art and of course her family life, Amanda’s blog is a huge hit in the UK and we can see why.

With a warm and witty tone, it’s no wonder she has been shortlisted in the style category of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2014.


Squidgyboo is the story of Lindy, Wal and Squidgyboo. Currently remodelling her 1930’s home, Lindy shares her creative room makeovers, fabulous design finds (we just adore the framed postcards), good eats and of course her fun family adventures.

With a growing audience, this blog is full of handy design tips and tricks. With a duck egg fiasco, Lindy doesn’t always get it right but that just makes us love the blog even more.

10Side Street Style

Creative couple Laura and John have a love of interiors, the outdoors, fashion, travel and good food. This fun lifestyle blog is Laura and John’s way of sharing their passion, whilst trying to be modern parents.

From on trend designs, to recipes, budgeting tips to crafts, this blog is a must see for any parent.

11Tea with Ruby

Self described ‘stylist, blogger, china lover, interior demon, image devourer & pretty things admirer’ Jane’s blog is like no other. Inspirational images of rustic interiors and up to date design trends, we can’t get enough of Tea with Ruby.

Tea with Ruby is developing a huge following and we’re not surprised. Her weekly blog posts are full of pictures which gives you the inspirational boost you were looking for.

12The Treasure Hunter

If you are looking for inspirational design buys then look no further. Jenny is a self-confessed home accessories addict, bargain hunter and cushion addict. The Treasure Hunter will hunt down all those cool products so you don’t have too.

Be careful before you view this blog, you will be left with a long wish list of items that she has sourced. On the plus side Jenny’s finds are all affordable so why not treat yourself?

13Heather Jenkinson Interiors Blog

Outstanding interior designer Heather Jenkinson shares with us what gets her up in the morning. With a blog that depicts all things uber chic and a portfolio to match, you’ll soon get excited when you see Heather has a new blog post.

Spend some time looking at Heather’s current projects, you’ll sigh at the beauty but leave feeling inspired. We’ve fallen in love with her recent and beautifully styled bathroom.

14Torie Jayne

In its 5th year of operation Torie’s blog has gone from strength to strength. With pretty craft tutorials and shabby chic interiors, this blog is every girls dream. Along with her Pinterest board Torie shares her love of crafts and interiors with an impressive 32,000 followers.

Highly visual and with daily posts, this blog has plenty to keep you inspired and busy. Her tutorials are easy to follow and her pretty patterned bird house is the cutest we’ve ever seen.

15A Diary of Lovely

A Diary of Lovely is Helena’s place to share everything that inspires her. Fashion, decor, movies and food, this lifestyle blog leaves us dreaming. Her daily posts are full of gorgeous images and we have yet to find a post we didn’t love.

Her recent dreamy bathroom post was full of the coolest bathrooms we have ever seen. A bathtub with a view was our particular favourite. To the lucky person who gets to bathe in this, we really are green with envy.

16Like a Magpie

Meet Anya, a 22 year old graduate in interior design who started Like a Magpie to regain creativity. With mouthwatering interior inspirations and the latest trends

Anya even hunts down products containing the latest trends that will fit into your home easily.  She really is doing all the hard work for you, so there is no excuse not to have a beautiful interior.

17Fairly Light

Take a sneak peek at Lauren’s blog and find an array of ideas that you will want to steal for your own home. With a decorator father, Lauren spent her childhood immersed in interior decoration and is now spending her adult life reinventing her 19th century cottage.

Her before and after archives show just how much of a creative genius Lauren is. We loved her cute office. Simple but effective.

18Little Green Shed

Founded by Bristol based blogger Lou, Little Green Shed is a charming lifestyle blog which focuses on nature in the home. A photographer and designer, Lou’s talents are obvious in her blog. Seasonal yet stylish, we feel inspired to create a beautiful nature display for our own home.

With a big following on Pinterest too, Lou has started a trend in using nature in the home. Who would have thought to hang leaves from a mirror?

19Ellie Tennant

Ellie Tennant was one of the first interior bloggers in the UK, an interiors journalist, stylist and author. Ellie certainly knows her stuff when it comes to home decor. Fresh designs, the latest trends and fans across the globe. With plenty of stylish snaps too this blog is definitely worth subscribing to.

Recently she’s even published a book called Design Blogging at Home. Ellie really is the Queen in the blogging world.

20Rock My Style

Thanks to a collaboration of four of the most stylish people you could ever meet, Rock My Style is your daily dose of all things stylish. Homes, fashion, beauty and more, this lifestyle blog is a great way to spend your lunch hour, dreaming away to the latest cool styles.

The recent post on how to transform a rented home was particularly inspiring. Thanks to Rock My Style the world has been shown how anyone living in a rented house can transform it into a home.

David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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