Majestic Monday – Issue 13

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1Your Home is Lovely 

Kate Burt the editor of your home is lovely, posts daily updates on how to make your home lovely, with a bit of DIY and at a budget. Kate Burt had recently moved homes, from a Victorian flat to a 1968 built home, which needed lots of work done, potentially bankrupting she looked at ways she could make her home beautiful by getting her hands on some bargains! She believes you can make a happy surrounding which is achievable on a budget. She simply wants her readers to enjoy the blog, of her journey and how she made a few cock-ups on the way and hopefully give a little inspiration.

Hilda Grahnat for Fine Little DayFine Little Day

Fine little day was founded in 2007 by Swedish blogger Elisabeth Dunker. The blog is based on crafts, patterns, books, reviews, and interiors and art design to DIY projects and home tours. It also looks at everyday lifestyle, and creativity in different forms. It looks at handmade art and even kids art, she simply wants her readers to enjoy the posts and find some inspirational tips and ideas.


Frolic! Written by Chelsea Fuss is a daily lifestyle blog, the daily posts offer ideas on dressing, eating, travelling, gardening and decorating in an effortless style. Chelsea’s own work appears on the blog here and there too. Since 2006 Frolic has gained a devoted readership from around the world, in 2009 The London Times listed it as one of the top design blogs. The writer Chelsea Fuss is a commercial prop stylist, based in Portland. She works with flowers and flower arranging courses, and when she’s not at work she likes to enjoy everyday life.

4Side Street Style

Side street style is a lifestyle, interior design blog mainly run by Laura with the help of her partner John. The couple living in Wales, love to travel, eat well, enjoy the outdoors and have a passion for fashion and interiors. Laura is a freelance writer and trained photographer, they love original ideas, practical designs and creativity. They hope their readers enjoy their blog and see a little inspiration in their posts.


David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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