Majestic Monday – Issue 10

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1Print & Pattern

Print and Pattern is a UK based blog site which particularly looks at printed surfaced patterns, like textiles, cards, gift wrap, stationery, wallpaper, tableware, books, illustrations and just about anything with a pretty pattern. With daily posts, readers can visit the images and see just where they can get the items and patterns posted on Print & Pattern. Featuring products readers can buy, the writer collects all inspirational designs from all over the world. ‘Bowie Style’ as the writer goes by allows readers and other bloggers to share their posts and ideas up on her blog.

2Miss Moss

Diana the writer of the blog, is a graphic designer living in Cape Town, South Africa. Her blog shares everything that inspires her including: creative fields of fashion, art, design and photography. The purpose of her blog is to purely entertain and inspire her readers on the things she loves and hope the audience find them interesting too. She shares abstract ideas and picture blogs for her readers to get the chance to see something a little different.

3Design Is Mine

Summer Allen the writer is a baker, illustrator, design-enthusiast, living in Los Angeles. She enjoys everyday relaxed lifestyle, and Design is Mine is all about sharing her passion and findings of art, photography, typography, vintage and modern design and handmade goods. She shares all things interesting with daily posts sharing fantastic photographs.

4My Little Orangery

Patricia the writer of My Little Orangery lives in Belfast, and is a design, home interior lover. Patricia hopes to inspire her readers with the posts she shares which she loves and gives her inspiration. It’s a popular lifestyle, interior design blog that attracts all types of readers. She shares different interior designs, and trips she takes to share different images of everything she loves.

David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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