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Choosing living room ceiling lights can be easy or difficult, depending on whether you know exactly what you are looking for or not!

To get the ball rolling firstly we need to think about the style of the room! Is it traditional? Modern? Contemporary? A bit of a mixture maybe….

The Classic Twist

The Classic Twist

Once you have an idea on the style of the living room we can then look at colour. Now this can actually be a tricky one for people because where you may think it’s simple to just match the colour of your lights to a curtain pole or door handles, if you take a good luck around you may find you have more colour items than you originally thought i.e. the sofa maybe white yet the TV is black, the curtain poles are antique brass?.

The good thing with Living room lights these days is the mass choice available irrelevant of style. Don’t just think ceiling lights come in just chrome or brass because there is a large range to choose from such as – Matt black, Black Chrome, Cream,

The Raphael Chandelier

White, Bronze and even pewter, these just a few to give you the idea.

The next thing then is choosing the size of the living room lights! Now my opinion on size of light fittings should not just come down to how bright you want the room as these days majority of light fittings (with the exception to G4 lamp type fittings) are fully dimmable and also facilitate lamps that are available in different sizes i.e. 25w, 40w and 60W. Of course we will need to ensure the fitting has a sufficient amount of lights but not necessarily be discarded for having too many! Some ceiling lights need those additional arms to provide the look they were intended to provide.

An important and very simple way of eliminating a no. Of fittings from your choice is Ceiling Height!

Wisteria with Black Leaves

This is a key factor that has to be taken into account when choosing any ceiling lights for the home. Use a tape measure and work out what the maximum drop you can permit for the ceiling light, doing this you will find your choice of fittings will be minimized fairly quickly.

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