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This Month (Feb 2012) has seen the arrival of a new website for Dudley based lighting retailer Lighting Majestic. After months of development, design, product organisation and test runs the finished product is now live, and the customers, as well as the Lighting Majestic staff, couldn’t be happier with the result. It has been an arduous process but a fulfilling one as the improvements were certainly worth the effort. This new website much easier to navigate, and as for product choice, the difference between our old website and are new one is staggering, whereas the old website had a little over 2,000 products to choose from, the new has over 7,000!  Covering all manner of fittings from ceiling lights to floor lamps and of course the popular Tiffany Lighting.

The Homepage:

Lighting Majestic “Request a Callback” button

Those of you that were familiar with our old site will of course notice the improvement in the overall appearance of the homepage. When you first access our site, there is a lot information right in front of your eyes to help guide you to exactly what you are looking for, as well as bring you up to date on our latest bargains, bestsellers and other promotions. Another thing you will see is the “request a call back” button. Simply click this image to bring up another screen where you can enter your name, contact telephone number and a lighting related question and a member of our team will get in touch and offer any helpful advice they can, regarding your query.


Like our old website you can shop by category, simply by selecting the kind of fitting you want from the list down the left hand side of the homepage. Then you will be taken to a sub category page. This page gives you the option of viewing the category as a whole by just continuing to scroll down, or click any of the buttons that appear on the page to define your search even more. For example; let’s say you’re only interested in Italian wall lights. You would select the wall lights category from the left side of the homepage, you will then be taken to the wall lights page where you will be presented with the sub category buttons e.g. modern wall lights, traditional wall lights etc. Simply select the image with the tag “Italian wall lights” and you will be given a page with nothing but Italian wall lights. A lot of thought and time has gone into defining the style and type of light fittings into categories to make finding what you want as easy as possible. The new Lighting has 19 main category and over 70 sub categories!

Example of Sub-Category Buttons

Search by Department:

New Search By Department Bar

This handy little feature can be found on the Homepage, situated just to the left of the search bar. Selecting by department is a great way of shopping on lighting majestic for those customers are looking to light a particular part of a home and only want to view fittings that are suited to a certain room. Simply click the small arrow on the right hand side of the bar to be presented with a choice of; Living room, Bathroom, Outdoor, Kitchen, Bedroom and Hallway and Stairs. Click the department you wish to find fittings for and get instant access to room specific light fittings and accessories.


Light Bulbs:

Yes, Lighting Majestic now sells light bulbs online, and just about any kind of light bulb you could want is available for home delivery. The range includes; Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent and LED bulbs, and each category of bulb in this range has many varying styles and wattages within it. Lamps such as energy efficient bulbs (Compact Fluorescent), candle, tipped candle, twisted candle and golf ball Incandescent bulbs, G9, GU10, GU5.3, G4 Halogen lamps (among others) and GU10 style triple LED bulbs.

Easily Add The Bulbs You Need Before Checking Out

The addition of light bulbs to the Lighting Majestic product range would have been enough, be we felt the need to go one further. On the new there is a helpful system in place for purchasing light bulbs. Say you are about to purchase a light fitting from Lighting Majestic and the fitting you would like to buy does not come with the bulbs included, and you’re unsure as to what bulbs the fitting actually requires. In this case, when you arrive at the Checkout, Lighting Majestic will present you with the option of adding the correct bulbs for the fitting you wish to buy to your cart, so you can be assured you will not only get bulbs with your fitting, but the right ones.

From all of us here at Lighting Majestic, we sincerely hope that you enjoy our new website as much as we do. To find out more about Lighting Majestic you can visit the About Us page or if you want to get in touch then see our Contact Us page.

David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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