How important are IP ratings?

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recessed lights with an IP rating in a bathroom setting

When choosing lights for either your bathroom or your outdoor lighting plan, it’s not just about what will look nice and what will go with the setting you should always take into consideration whether the product is included with an IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection and exterior and bathroom lighting products are usually always included with a rating. For example a bathroom flush fitted ceiling light which is included with an IP44 rating meaning it is suitable for a wet room and safe to be fitted in most places of your bathroom.

As you already know electricity and water aren’t the best of friends when they’re mixed together, the higher the rating the less likely it is that water will get in the product itself. There are different ratings for different zones as IP ratings depend on the positioning. Your light will require a higher rating such as IP65 for places where a lot of steam is produced like by the bath. Zone 0, 1 and 2 are the areas which need a higher IP rating as they are in places like the bath, in the shower or just above the bath, a minimum of IP65 must be used. Zone 3 however, doesn’t particularly need a high IP rating on the other hand for safety, it would be best to find a fitting with at least an IP44 rating.  Just because bathroom and outdoor lighting needs to be included with an IP rating doesn’t mean you can’t find a decorative source of light. There are varieties of crystal decoration light designs ideally designed for bathrooms, and there are more practical sources of light like the selection of recessed spotlights.

Mirror lighting in bathrooms has become more popular, not only does it look attractive and impressive but it’s a great source of light too. A lot of the mirror lighting designs are included with an IP rating so you can happily, safely style them in your bathroom interior.

a bollard shown lighting up an outdoor pathway

When lighting your outdoors, you can present an effective form of light. Lighting up your pathway, with bollards, post or wall lights just like in the bathroom an IP rating is essential. Outdoor lighting needs to be waterproof and the digits that follow ‘IP’ indicate not only protection against water but protection against solid objects as well. Drive over spotlights, are an example of this, as you need to ensure that the spotlights that are fitted are safe to drive over with a car.  Outdoor lighting should also have a minimum of an IP23 rating as this covers rainproof.

Outdoor lighting is important as not only does it help guests feel welcome, it can also be a sense of security. If you need advice on how to ‘spice up’ your outdoors, or bathroom and want to find the right fitting which is included with an IP rating then either leave a comment or call us for free on 0800 4080049 or for mobile uses 01384 831 518.


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