Flemish Style Lighting

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Flemish Resin Chandelier

Given the title that they carry it is no small wonder that Flemish style light fittings carry with them a certain charm and sophistication that could of only have been born out of the rich and vastly influential history of Dutch and Belgian design.  This particular brand of architecture dates back to the early 17th century and began with an increase in western European finances. The industry leaders behind this flourishing economy started investing in the local community as well as treating themselves to lavish new dwellings to match their fledgling status. Before long, countryside regions were scattered with affluent, regal statement homes, with designers such as Jacob van Campen making waves. However this progression was halted by the interference of more powerful, outside empires.

Despite the early opposition, Flemish design concepts and motifs from way back at the inception have still found their way into contemporary interior design. As a matter of fact the traditional (some would say medieval) characteristics synonymous with Flemish design are among the most popular and sought after by developers. Creating certain bricking and flooring effects may prove to be a tough task for even a skilled interior designer, but finding a light fitting with all the hallmarks of elegant Flemish design could not be simpler.

Solid Brass Flemish Wall Light

Grand ceiling lights and chandeliers, along with candelabra single, double and triple wall lights are all out there with quite a high visibility, so shouldn’t be too difficult to locate. The added bonus of course with having a range of fitting available in this stunning style is that you can create an even and matching light plan throughout a room or even an entire house. The grandeur this particular style of light fitting would also work wonders in classy establishments such as restaurants and hotels. The range of finishes traditionally used with Flemish style lights quite traditional in nature, with the use of brass, resin and elegant creams most common in the ranges. Many manufacturers even hand paint there Flemish fittings with certain finishes, which can give a light fixture its own unique feel and impact.

Flemish style lights, Flemish chandeliers and other Flemish ceiling lights will always be accredited as being some of the most impressive traditional lights around. You as a consumer cannot go far wrong when creating a lighting plan for your home or business with this timeless design that is both rich in culture and history as well as being aesthetically satisfying.

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