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Oh sweet sweet romance. While we may be hoping for roses or diamonds or chocolates from our beloved this Valentine’s Day, this is not the romance of which I speak. No, I am talking about the love we have for our homes. Coming home after a long day at work, or returning from being on holiday or a business trip or anywhere we find ourselves, and feeling that welcoming cocoon when we open our front door; of being greeted by ourselves in a way through the items we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with and the things that complement the way we live.


I know many will say these are just material objects and that they should play no role in the way we live our lives but I’m going to tell you that your home plays a much greater role in how you feel psychologically. It can lift us up, make us feel settled and secure – or it can make us feel uneasy and transient.

We may not love every single thing in our homes – the kitchen may not have enough storage or the squeaky table where we eat our meals may drive us nuts. That door that always gets jammed until you pull it in just the right way, the carpet that seems to be more threadbare every time we find ourselves on our knees looking for something that’s been lost within it. But we don’t ask for perfection in our loved ones, nor should we ask for perfection of our homes.

Instead, looking at your home as you would a member of your family – for all its flaws and foibles, it still keeps you warm at night, it provides a safe haven from the world around us, it is a reminder of memories – Christmases, Birthdays, Anniversaries, raising our families – all these things that are hidden in each corner, all the objects picked up on our travels or given to us by loved ones. This is why we love our homes.

But we can fall in love with our homes even if at this moment we are not. By making the most of what we have now, concentrating on the things that we can change and making small changes as and when we can budget for them, we can love our spaces through the entire process of creating a home.

Here are a few simple changes I’ve made in my own home that made me fall back in love with a room and even better, didn’t cost an exceptional amount of money.

Swap your lighting

Swap Your Lighting

I couldn’t believe the difference in my kitchen after swapping out the spotlights for a trio of simple stainless steel pendant lights. For less than £200, my kitchen went from bland to dynamic. The lighting options are simply endless on Lighting Majestic but both of these pendant lights would work perfectly in a kitchen.

Buy some new inexpensive accessories

Bring in Inexpensive Accessories

Things like cushions, candles and small ceramics are inexpensive but add so much warmth to a home. If yours are a bit tired, consider refreshing your space with some pops of colour by way of your accessories or check out charity shops for bargain buys on vintage items to give your home a sense of history.

Give your home a good clean

Deep Clean

While it may not be the most exciting task, a good clean and tidy up always makes me feel a sense of accomplishment as well as making me fall in love with my home all over again. Sticking to a cleaning schedule that makes sense for the way you live – whether that’s a little every day or a big deep clean once a month – will make you appreciate the home you live in now. Why not use products that are good for the environment while you’re at it?

Buy some inexpensive flowers

Buy Cheap Blooms

I love fresh blooms around my home but buying flowers every week can be pricey. This is why I stick to the inexpensive bouquets in my local supermarket. Just cut them short, stick to a single variety and colour and split them in small vases or vessels around the house. And get creative: I love reusing tealight votives as mini vases.

Paint your room a daring colour

Paint Your Walls

Nothing makes more of an impact than changing the colours of your walls and that satisfaction is even greater when you make a daring choice. Painting my bedroom a dark-grey-nearly-black and painting my dining room in a deep blue were game changers.

So as you can see, you certainly don’t have to spend a lot of money to fall in love with your home again! And when you shower your home with a little bit of love, it will only return that to you by giving you a feeling of peace and security, knowing your home reflects you. And there’s no sweeter love than that!

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