Diyas Lighting Viola Woven Wire Table Lamp And Woven Wire Floor Lamp

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Viola Woven Wire Table Lamp - Diyas Lighting

The Viola woven wire table lamp and woven wire floor lamp from Diyas Lighting is perhaps the definition of eye-appeal when it comes to decorative home accent lighting. This stunning concept design of a chrome/crystal floral arrangement sprouting from a wire woven vase lamp base can be as aesthetically appealing as a piece of art of sculpture you may have on display. These lighting solutions have a highly detailed and ornate.

Viola Aluminium Wire Woven Lamp - Crystal Decoration

It is no small wonder, with products such as the Viola to offer, that the Diyas Lighting ranges of Woven Wire lamps are proving extremely popular on the market. They have all the attributes that one would expect from a high quality piece of accent lighting; sufficient warm and ambient light and an attractive statement item that can lend itself well to both modern and traditional surroundings.

The Wire Woven Table Lamp and the Wire Woven Floor Lamp from Diyas Lighting’s Viola range are both mark of truly exquisite lighting with the built in influence to create a stylish and elegant feel to a room’s decor leaving the customer satisfied with their fine choice of accent lighting solutions.

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