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As ceiling lights seem to be available in every design, colour, and light output we are constantly re-thinking our decisions on what to buy. Lighting majestic have recognised that over the last few years customers are now considering their energy options alongside the styles they are interested in. It is proving that customers are now more aware of the benefits and savings of being ‘energy efficient’ than ever before, which means we at lighting majestic have to try and understand what our customers want and how to give them the best product to suit their needs. That is why our staff can take your calls and questions, and give you the advice that you may need to make the decisions about your lighting needs.

Decorative Ceiling Light w/ Candle Lamps

We know that customers are searching for answers to questions which have only recently come apparent due to the changes in manufacturing, and we are now training our staff in all areas of energy lighting to meet these questions, and provide simple and clear understandings for the benefit of our customers.You may be looking at a light fitting on our webpage which says 28w Halogen G9, or 9W CFL, or 2W LED, and think, what does this mean?’, What difference does it make? will it effect the styles I want to go for or is it just a new way to confuse a simple purchase and make us spend more money? !….well, let’s put that to bed right now.

Lighting Majestic are not in the game of making fast sales, or selling to our customers products that are not fit for purpose or recommending light bulbs that are purely of financial benefit to us, Not a bit of it!We are trying to make sure that we can offer advice and appropriate knowledge on the products we have, and want our customers to understand the benefits for themselves and make the right choices for their home or garden.

Latest LED GU10 Lamp

That is why, we want you to look at the products you like on our website, and if you have any questions on the information provided, or you would just like to call and ask if a product can have alternative bulbs, whether it be energy efficient or energy saving, or LED, we want you to. Our phone line is free, and our advice is impartial and intended to give you the knowledge and understanding that lighting majestic is not just a lighting retailer but a company that believes in giving our customers a better service. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our customers have come back time and time again to buy from us, and even choose to just buy straight from our website, rather than call us because they trust our ability to deliver what they want.

So, if you want some answers or advice, or you just want to know what a ‘9w CFL’ is and why it is beneficial, then call us and we’ll put all the jargon to bed, and talk to you like a human being!

David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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