Black Friday – Flavia Black Chrome

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What’s on our list this Friday?

flav1Some people go crazy for Black Friday whereas others may ignore the day altogether, well were here to show you the best deals you can possibly get every Friday!

This week, we’ve decided to go for the beautiful Flavia table lamp from Mantra lighting, of course finished in a sleek black chrome. It’s a lovely elegant feature, showing a flower themed design complemented by a dainty glass shade.

It’s the ultimate accessory for your empty table tops around the home, with an RRP of £123.84, we are putting our special Lighting Majestic price on it for £103.20. Such a stunning feature at a great price, it will certainly enhance your interior. When illuminated it’s a great little lighting source for your home, decorative and practical it’s a chic, stylish lamp that’s the perfect choice this Black Friday.

View the full Mantra Flavia Range.


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