A Guide to Using Designer Lighting

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If you are starting a room from scratch and have a budget to be a little bolder, then spending your money on designer lighting is a very good idea, as it will be relevant for years and whatever you decide to do with the rest of your decor, the lighting will blend with the universal nature of its design, so redecorating will not present a problem. Good designer lighting is always worth paying a little extra for and since it won’t be a flash in the pan high fashion item. This isn’t to say, of course, that designer lighting is not up to date, but simply that the amount of thought which has gone into the versatility of many designs will ensure that the fitting will remain tasteful and classic for years to come.

Eye-catching Modern Fitting, In a Modern Setting

Some interior designers go the whole nine yards when designing a room from scratch and design furniture, fabrics, floor coverings, wall coverings and lighting. Examples of this approach are to be found in many stores where the lines of one designer are given an area to themselves. Many of the celebrity designers do this – for example Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen and Linda Barker – and this is one way to tie a design together, although it is possible by going down this road to overwhelm a room and fix it a little too much in its time. Then, when you fancy a change you have to change more or less everything. The other way to do it is to keep everything fairly neutral and splash out on one spectacular piece and this is where designer lighting comes in to its own.

Funky, Attention Getting Pendant Light

The designer lighting can take the shape of a pendant, a table lamp or even a set of wall lights. As a centrepiece to your room, they light themselves, so positioning is not important. This means that even with just a simple sofa, basic table and some plain curtains, a room with a well-chosen piece of designer lighting can produce a stunning impact with very little effort.  When you find something that works for you things will slowly develop from there and you will soon have a seamless feel to the decor. Also, depending on the initial outlay – it needn’t be huge, depending on the manufacturer quality can sometimes come in small packages and a collection of these minor pieces could be far more impressive than something with a more grand stature. Once the goal is set and a clear image has materialised of what you are looking to achieve the fun can start and soon after you will have a design that is completely your own, a décor you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come, or at least until trends change.



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