7 Ways to Warm Up Your Home this Autumn

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Despite the fact that September rolls around the same time every year, nearly everyone I’ve spoken to has remarked with astonishment, ‘How it is already September?!’. The summers seem to fly by faster and faster with each year that passes and a rainy, lack-lustre summer (at least here in the North West!) has only added to the idea that we’ve blinked and we’re nearly into autumn.

With each change of season, I not only revaluate my wardrobe (the knee-high boots and cosy jumpers come out and I pack away the shorts and sandals) but I also re-evaluate my home. There’s a sort of ‘nesting’ feeling that takes place with the colder weather and after clearing the clutter and embracing a lighter, fresher look for warmer temperatures, I’m ready to bring back those items that create warmth – both physically and figuratively – into my home.

Warm Up for Autumn - cosy living room

So today, I thought I’d share with you a few tips on creating that warm, cosy atmosphere we all love about the autumn months. From those delicious autumn scents to textural accents to mood lighting, here’s how to warm up your home this season.

Bring in a cosy throws and cushions

Warm Up for Autumn - throws and cushions

This is possibly the easiest thing I do in my own home! For a fresh look for autumn, I bring in textural elements to my sofa like warm knitted throws, cushions and a little bit of faux fur too. The look reminds me of cabin living, sitting around a fireplace and sipping hot tea. Bringing in these textures are visually warming as well when we combine some of the colours of the season.

Bring in some deep rich colour

Warm Up for Autumn - bring in rich colour

What colours do we normally associate with autumn? Well, we can look at the change in the trees and the countryside for our inspiration. Everything from cranberry reds to olive greens, deep plum and midnight blue, jade greens, rich ochre and rusty orange add to the autumnal look in our homes. So when swapping out the textiles in your home as I spoke about above, look to add these colours for a spicy warm look.

Add some mood lighting

Warm Up for Autumn - lighting

If there is one thing I do love about shorter days and longer nights, it’s being able to set the mood at home with my lighting. Of course, I love to light candles and if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, then the time is right to finally enjoy the light and heat that emanates from a log fire. But even if you don’t, you can still create a cosy atmosphere with everything from fairy lights for soft twinkling light to table and floor lamps to create soft pools in the evening. Don’t forget to use dimmer switches on your main lighting as well and set the lights low for the perfect autumn ambience.

Change out your duvet

Warm Up for Autumn - bedding

As the nights get cooler, that 4.5 tog duvet just won’t keep you warm any longer! I like to swap it out for my 10 tog duvet for autumn as for me, it’s the perfect weight and warmth for autumn months. Don’t forget to include a lovely throw on the bottom of the bed as well just in case you get a bit chilly and piling on a few throw pillows makes the bed that much more inviting to snuggle up.

Fill your home with the scents of the season

Autumn scents

While summer was perfect for light, floral scents, autumn calls for warmth – apple, cinnamon, orange, clove, pumpkin, star anise, cardamom pods – they all create a warm festive atmosphere in your home and you can combine these ingredients and simply let them simmer on a hob for a wonderful autumnal scent that will make you happy to pull on your wellies for a country walk in the crisp air. Check out the recipe here for a great tutorial.

Bonus: Set up a hot drinks station

Warm Up for Autumn - hot drinks station

In my own home, we love our various flavoured and herbal teas and coffee so it made sense to set up a little hot drinks station as seen in the image above. A simple tray will corral all your jars and boxes and make sure your mugs, kettle and coffee maker are nearby. This homey addition will be in frequent use in your home in colder months and I think it looks quite cute on a worktop too.

So those are just a few ways to embrace autumn in your home this season! How do you welcome autumn into your own home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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