7 magnificent modern bathroom lights

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Having a state-of-the-art bathroom might feel like an unattainable dream, but getting the modern look is easier than you might think. Contemporary bathroom design is all about simple colour schemes, clean lines and functional design, so all you have to do is clear away that clutter and create a space that works for you.

When it comes to giving your bathroom a modern makeover, one of the best places to begin is with the lighting. This should be both practical and stylish, so to get you started we’ve put together 7 magnificent modern bathroom lights to inspire you!

Sabina Ceiling Light

bathroom lighting ceiling light sabina astro

The main illumination in your bathroom will probably come from an overhead light, and the Sabina Ceiling Light is ideal for achieving that smooth, minimalist look. The white opal glass diffuses the light for a softer glow, while the polished chrome accent gives it a cool, modern edge – perfect if you’re looking for both simplicity and style.

Rhodes Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

bathroom lights semi-flush ceiling crystal chandeliers

If you want your bathroom to be more glam than minimalist, the Rhodes Semi-Flush Ceiling Light could be for you. This beautiful fitting has an eye-catching faceted glass design that will scatter light all around the room. It’s like having a crystal chandelier in your bathroom – the perfect thing to gaze at while you’re indulging in a candlelit bath!

Mashiko Bronze Ceiling Light

bathroom lights mashiko ceiling light

With a look reminiscent of elegant Japanese design, the Mashiko Ceiling Light is all about straight lines and bold monochrome. This striking fitting contrasts dark bronze with white glass and would feel right at home in a simple black-and-white bathroom.

Mars Spotlight Plate

bathroom lights spotlight

The ultimate in functional design, the Mars Spotlight Plate allows you to concentrate your bathroom lighting where you need it most. The chrome plate holds three separate lights in frosted glass tubes, which you can adjust to highlight any area you like, from your mirror to your shower to your bath – the choice is yours!

Orpheus Wall Light

bathroom lights wall light

Not all of your bathroom light has to come from the ceiling. Wall lights are wonderful for highlighting specific areas and creating pools of light around the room for a more luxurious feel. The Orpheus Wall Light takes classic polished chrome and gives it a space-age twist – plus it uses LED technology to give you bright, reliable lighting just where you need it.

Ice Downlight

bathroom lights downlight

Another great way to spread out your bathroom lighting is to use downlights: you can scatter these small fittings around your bathroom for that contemporary spa feel. The Ice Downlight gives you a stylish combination of polished chrome and clear glass, and these little lights are suitable for use all over the bathroom, so you can illuminate even the darkest corner.

Galaxy Square Illuminated Mirror

bathroom lights illuminated mirror

Of course, no modern bathroom would be complete without a gadget, and you’ll certainly be ready for your close-up with the Galaxy Square Illuminated Mirror. This cutting-edge mirror would go particularly well above a sink, and its built-in lighting strips make shaving and applying make-up a doddle, however dark it may be outside.

Your dream bathroom could be just a click away, so for more great bathroom lighting ideas, visit the experts at Lighting Majestic.

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