7 lights for a blue room

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This week it’s all about blue: that beautiful, adaptable colour that can give your decor a light, calm feel, an exciting pop of colour, or an irresistible feeling of depth and richness.

Whichever shade of blue you prefer, we have lights that can help you make the most of this timeless colour. So sit back, relax, and indulge in our top 7 lighting ideas for a blue room!

Desk Partners Blue Table Lamp


One of the boldest ways to use blue in your home is as part of a nautical theme. Think deep, dark blue contrasted with weathered white paint, driftwood, seashells and bold stripes. If this sounds like your style, then we recommend the Desk Partners Blue Table Lamp. This handy lamp comes in deep, ocean-inspired blue and will look right at home in a marine-themed living room or study!

Domas Pendant Light Dome


Sometimes the best way to incorporate blue into a space is to use it as an accent colour, by contrasting splashes of vivid colour with pale walls and furnishings. The Domas Pendant Light Dome is brilliant for introducing blue as your accent colour: it’s lined with a vivid turquoise and will look especially good as the eye-catching centrepiece in a stylish kitchen or bathroom.

Pale Blue Osaka Pendant


Blue doesn’t have to be bold; it can be delightfully subtle too. Pale blue is the perfect colour for a pretty-in-pastels 1950s style, or contrasted with off-white and distressed finishes in a shabby chic interior. However you decide to use it, we’re sure you’ll love the Pale Blue Osaka Pendant – it is a beautifully understated light fitting that can really help to tie your pale blue colour scheme together.

Vibrant Aluminium Pendant Light


If you’re a lover of blue, chances are you’ll want to splash it all over your walls – so should your lights be blue too? Making one colour dominant in your space leaves loads of room for creativity with your fixtures and fittings, and you can use gold as a fantastic complementary colour to blue decor. Try the Vibrant Aluminium Pendant Light – it will give you that extra sparkle you’ve been looking for, and will look particularly fantastic against a midnight blue feature wall.

Window Table Lamp


Grey is another fantastic contrasting colour, especially when paired with navy or smoky blues. Your first thought might be “grey is boring”, but the silver Window Table Lamp is far from dull. This stunning lamp has a tantalisingly quirky shape and a variety of textures, as well as that classic grey colour, making it the perfect modern addition to a sideboard in a blue living room.

Arda Pendant Light


Blue can be simple and clean, so what better way to contrast with this refreshing colour than with natural wooden lights? The smooth colours of natural wood complement a blue room beautifully, and the Arda Pendant Light has a fascinating shape too, giving you a centrepiece that is more about form than colour.

Enluce LED Spotlight Kit


Of course, if nothing but the brightest will do, then the easiest way to give your interior that longed-for blue tinge is with blue light bulbs! The Enluce LED Spotlight Kit gives you six lights to play with, so you can illuminate any space in blue, whether it’s for a party, a spot of calming colour therapy, or just for fun.

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David Cullis Is the owner of Lighting Majestic

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