7 Christmas crystal chandeliers

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‘Tis the season of sparkling lights and bold decorations, and what could be more ostentatious than a chandelier? From candelabra-style light fittings to genuine crystal chandeliers, now is the time to turn your lighting centrepiece into a vision of festive fun.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these 7 irresistible Christmas chandeliers!

Simple baubles

crystal chandeliers christmas simple baubles

The quickest way to spruce up your chandelier is to embellish it with some spare baubles from your Christmas tree. Choose baubles in one or two complementary colours and hang them from the arms of your chandelier with colourful string or ribbon to give your light fitting an immediate festive touch!

Winter foliage

crystal chandeliers christmas foliage

Give your chandelier an all-natural makeover by adding winter foliage from the great outdoors. Use twine or florists wire to attach bunches of conifer, holly, spruce and artificial berries to your chandelier, and once it’s all secure, top it off with a few glittering accessories and chunky ribbons tied into bows.

Pine cones

crystal chandeliers christmas pine cones

Like foliage but a little easier to maintain, pine cones are wonderfully Christmassy and easy to add to your chandelier. Tie them to pretty ribbons and hang them like baubles from the limbs of your light – they’ll provide a particularly lovely rustic contrast with the glitz of a crystal chandelier.

Colourful baubles

crystal chandeliers christmas colourful baubles

One for the colour-lovers, why not adorn your chandelier with decorations of every shape, size and hue? You could buy a set of mismatched baubles, or just use the decorations that never quite make it onto the tree – the brighter and bolder the better!

Sweet treats

crystal chandeliers christmas gingerbread cookies sweets

When you decorate your chandelier with yummy edible goodies, they certainly won’t be hanging around for long! Adorn your chandelier with cookies shaped like Christmas decorations, colourful boiled sweets or candy canes as a special treat for Christmas Day.

Mason jars

crystal chandeliers christmas mason jars

Mason jars are perfect if you have a chandelier with traditional, hook-shaped arms to hang them from. These cute glass jars can be filled with anything, from glittery water sealed tightly with a lid, to winter scenes made from miniature decorations. You can be endlessly creative with these little beauties!


crystal chandeliers christmas fairylights

How can you make your chandelier even more brilliant than usual? Add more lights, of course! Find a string of tiny fairylights (with a battery pack) and weave them around your existing chandelier to make it shine more brightly than ever before.

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Merry Christmas!

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