5 tips for lighting artwork

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Highlighting portraits and artwork is a great way to put the finishing touches to a room. Artwork adds character and creates a personal atmosphere which your guests will love. Below are 5 tips when it comes to lighting artwork.

Accent lighting

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Directing spot lights towards your artwork is the perfect way to bring them to life. These ceiling lights can be recessed allowing the direction of light to be adjusted. You can add as many or as little as you like depending on how much artwork you want to display. Be mindful that too much lighting will create a nasty glare. The light should also be directed at the centre of the artwork.

Track lighting

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Track lighting is a versatile way to display your artwork. These systems are much easier to install than ceiling mounted spot lights and will give you more flexibility when it comes to moving the light around. You’re also able to remove and replace lights to the track as and when you feel like it.

Wall washers

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Lighting doesn’t have to be directed at every single piece of artwork or portrait you own. By using wall washers you’re able to create a specific mood and atmosphere to suit your interior. Wall washers deliver wide amounts of light, and if positioned correctly, will create a warm and contemporary effect. As the wall is evenly lit there is less need for moving things about as everything is covered.

Picture lighting

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Picture lights is a more professional form of lighting and one often used by galleries. The lights are mounted just above the frame and directed downwards. Picture lights can be decorative pieces which will add plenty to the artwork.


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Lastly, its important to preserve your artwork as some lighting can damage the painting over time. Halogen bulbs for example will burn away at one area of the painting. To minimize future damage keep the light at a safe distance. LEDs would work best as they emit no UV and not a lot of heat.

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