5 lighting tips for your home bar

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If you’re lucky enough to have enough space for a home bar it can become the centerpiece for entertainment. Used for a wide variety of purposes, from relaxing after a hard day at work or throwing a big party the home bar area is a versatile and trendy area.

Whatever the occasion, when it comes to designing it there are many features to take into consideration. One of those is the lighting, which is very important, so below are 5 great bar lighting tips.

Layer the light

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Layering light seems like something only an experienced interior designer could achieve, but it can be done by anyone. Layering the light around the bar is focussed on three layers.

Starting with a good ambient light which will provide the main source of lighting you then add in your task lighting followed by accent lighting, which will hopefully create that visual appeal. They all need to complement each other so you might have to play around with them until you find the perfect combination.

Lighting bottles and glass

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If you’ve been to any bar you’ll notice the majority of them like to light up bottles and shelves. This is because it creates a stunning backdrop for which you’re immediately drawn to. You can achieve something similar quite easily in your own home, albeit on a smaller scale.

If you have shelves behind the bar, try fitting recessed downlights which will illuminate the glass bottles at different angles if positioned currently. You could even install an LED strip of color which would enhance the atmosphere.

Wall Lighting

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Wall lighting is perfect for highlighting portraits or works of art. This type of lighting can enhance the appeal of a room and allow your guests to focus on your collections or family memories. Picture lights also work extremely well as they project an even wash of light over the portrait or art without casting shadows.

Seating area

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Make sure that you also pay close attention to the seating area around the bar. You need provide sufficient lighting for you or your guests, which isn’t too harsh or not enough that no one can see each other. Hanging pendant or track lighting from above is by far the best option for this style of environment. The main reason, is that they won’t take up any space on the bar itself, while at the same time providing plenty of light.

Dimmer Switch

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Fitting a dimmer switch will instantly give you total control over the mood and atmosphere of the bar and surrounding area. Chances you’ll use the bar for different occasions so the dimmer switch provides you with the ability to change the ambience at the touch of a button.

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