5 lighting ideas for the home office

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Home office lighting needs to be functional, practical and free from distraction. Creating the right working environment at home can be tricky. That’s why here at Lighting Majestic we’ve put together 5 lighting ideas to help bring your home office to life.

Natural light


Natural light is a big part of any office so consider where your desk will be situated. Placing it near or directly under the window may cause light to reflect off the screen. Also being near the window could be a distraction if you have an office with a view.

Overhead combination


Overhead lights will cast shadows across the desk which can be annoying. They do work better in tandem with other lights such as lamps, as they’ll cover dark spaces which lamps cannot reach.

Correct it


Staring at a computer screen for long periods will certainly put a strain on your eyes. One solution is to place lights behind the computer which will sooth the bright glare from the screen.

Task the desk

CROXLEY-TL roomset

A desk lamp is the home office light of choice for most people. A task light will help avoid eye strain and headaches. Try and find one that doesn’t take up too much room, such as this versatile desk light (pictured).

Creating an ambience


Creating the right atmosphere in your office is important for making the working day less stressful. Look for an ambient light source that will produce a calming mood. Consider also the wattage of bulb, try and find the right balance that works for you.

You can find a variety of different lighting ideas for your home office at Lighting Majestic by clicking here.

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