2014 Fashion trends in your home.

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For all the minimalism exhibited on the Autumn 2013 catwalks, many collections shimmered with embellishments. Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Prada were among those that showed off sparkle with elaborate fabrics and sequins.

In this article we look at some ideas for the predicted interior design trends that late 2013 through to 2014 which you can consider.

Playing with colors and adding that extra focal peice is one of the surest methods to change the ambience of a room without spending wads of money.

Sun, surf and sand in harmony

Why wait for your summer holiday to enjoy the ambience of a seaside resort? Redecorate your home in such a way that you can enjoy the mood of a modern resort with chic, open and relaxed interiors. Use the cool palette of blue-green mixed with splashes of white and warm peach with touches of sea glass, sculptured driftwood, and tropical plants, using focal wall lighting to act as the bright warming sun, something along the lines of these gorgeous Dali Ceramic Wall Lights.

Alternative to modern urban interiors

The industrial modern décor of early 2013 evolves throughout winter into 2014 with a more relaxed, modest, and more classic look that can be attained even on a tight budget. Wood, metal and exposed brickwork are still present but these have a more rounded and relaxed feel, which can be complemented by earth shades, raw metal and a beautifully hung ceiling light can real bring the feeling to life. We recommend something along the lines of this Badger Ceiling pendant.

Reign of grand romance

A grand romance always has the magic that captures the imagination and 2014 is the best time to capture it. Add fascinating details on the color and ornamentation of the décor such as layered textiles, jewelled colors, and gilded frames. The goal: Create a delicate feminine look or a rich masculine look that leaves no doubt as to your personality, and nothing better complements the aura of romance than a stunningly crafted chandelier, something similar to this Flur Pendant.

Surround yourself with nature

Add the presence of Mother Nature into indoor spaces. Express it through motifs inspired by local and exotic planting as well as design elements reflecting man’s interaction with his surroundings. Think of it as combining man made interior design with natural elements of which floral tiffany lighting will complement with perfection.

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