The main objective when designing a lighting plan for a bedroom is to create a soothing and calming ambience with warm, atmospheric light. Here at Lighting Majestic we aim to bring you wide variety of stylish and practical bedroom light fittings at amazing value. We offer a great range of fittings all of which have their own particular practicalities. From the convenience of a bedside touch lamp to a more common flush fitting overhead and even chandeliers. The goal for bedroom lighting is to wash the room with gentle, glare-free light to inspire relaxation and comfort, whilst providing enough task lighting for all the practical tasks in the bedroom, such as dressing.

The first and most obvious move when creating a new light plan in the bedroom is simply fitting a dimmer switch. This will instantly give you more freedom when aiming to generate more effective mood lighting. 

After browsing the selection of fitting available here at Lighting Majestic and settling on the designs and style of your choice, it is important for you to understand how each particular fitting can improve the lighting scheme. Over head lighting is an essential part of lighting a room, and is often the most used source of light in the room. The right fitting, correctly positioned has the ability to provide a bedroom with all the necessary practical light you could ask for. However, a singular source of strong directed light will not give you the optimum goal of mood lighting even if it is dimmer operated. The effect can still be positive but will not even come close to rivalling what can be achieved with accent lighting.

Perhaps the most common form of additional accent lighting is the basic plug-in table lamp. Here at Lighting Majestic we offer the Lui’s collection which is home to some of the more high-end designer and ornate table lamps and shades available on the market. However if you do not want to sacrifice the space on your bedside table tops there is also the option of circuit wired, wall mounted bedside lights. These are a great way of adding light to your bedroom, whether trying to create a mood or simply trying to do some light reading before sleeping. Especially practical are wall mounted bedside lights with an LED reading light arm attached. It is important to remember that when fitting bedside wall lights that the switches are fitted close to the bedside, to save you having to get out of bed to operate them and also it helps if they are wired to ensure they can be operated individually from either side of the bed, so you can be sure not to disturb your neighbour. The practicalities of  wall mounted bedroom lights are not only confined to the bed but also make a stunningly effective addition to other parts of the room, in particular the high practicality of placing a pair of matching mirror lights either side of a bedroom mirror really speaks for itself.

Here at Lighting Majestic, like we do with all of our ranges, have gone out of our way to bring you a diverse selection of both the practical and material with this great range of fittings. Ensuring you can find everything you are looking for when lighting your room of choice.


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